Do you love cocktails? Would you like to be able to impress friends and family by whipping up a Mojito or a Margarita? Maybe it’s time to finally get that home bar together.

A successful home bar requires two things: a plentiful and varied supply of liquor, and the right cocktail tools. The liquor you buy depends on the types of drinks you want to make but a basic set of cocktail tools is necessary for every bar. The most important tools are listed below.

Cocktail Shaker

If you only ever buy one cocktail tool it has to be a shaker. Shakers are necessary for blending ingredients and for chilling drinks with ice during the mixing process. Generally made from metal with a tight-fitting top and an in-built strainer, nothing else will make you feel more like a professional barman.


Though not so necessary when mixing drinks in a shaker, a strainer is an invaluable tool for drinks that are mixed by other means (stirring etc.). A strainer allows you to filter out chunks of ice and fruit pulp as you pour the drink into a glass.


A great name and a great bar tool. A muddler is essentially a thick rod, generally wooden, that is used to crush ingredients in the bottom of a shaker or glass. Muddling is particularly good for extracting juice and oils from fruit segments. Like Caipirinhas? You’ll need a muddler.


Ending up with a good cocktail when following a cocktail recipe is often a matter of correct measurement. A jigger is a small, two-ended measuring cup that allows you to keep your measures of alcohol constant. Depending on the jigger, the smaller end will hold either 15ml or 20ml and the larger end either 30ml or 40ml.

Bar Spoon

A bar spoon differs from a normal spoon in that it has a longer stem and a smaller bowl, sometimes with holes. Used for stirring and layering drinks, bar spoons are also essential for getting that last olive out of the jar.


Essential for making frozen Daiquiris, a blender is also great for crushing ice or making large party-sized batches of a single cocktail.

Ice Crushing Bag

If you don’t have a blender, you can buy tough, purpose-made bags for crushing ice. Just fill with ice cubes and then pummel with a rolling pin.

Years of Service

Most bar tools are reasonably inexpensive and once bought will give years of service. So, if you want to look like a professional, bite the bullet and spend a few dollars at your local cocktail supplies shop. It’ll all be worth it when you sit back and take a sip of  your first homemade cocktail.

To learn more about getting the right bar tools for your home bar check out this video.

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