A Cosmopolitan is a classic vodka based cocktail which is lovely to drink and very easy to make. Find out how to make your own within two minutes, with this handy guide.


For one cocktail serving you will need:

30ml Vodka

15ml Triple Sec

15ml Cranberry Juice

2 Limes


A Cocktail Shaker

A Chilled Martini Cocktail Glass

A Strainer

A straw

Shaken Not Stirred

Place the vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, lime juice and about 20 pieces of ice into a cocktail shaker and shake thoroughly for about 20 seconds.

If you haven’t had time to chill your Martini Glass, a handy tip is to leave about 5 pieces of ice in the empty cocktail glass while you are preparing your drink.

Remove the ice from the Cocktail glass and pour your mixed cosmopolitan into the martini glass. Strain the mixture so that the ice inside the shaker does not enter into the glass. Add a straw and voila, one cosmopolitan. Enjoy!

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