Nothing beats the crisp, fresh taste of a Mojito cocktail – there’s a reason why the Cubans love them so much! If you’d like to make your own traditional Mojito in just over two minutes, follow this simple guide…


For one cocktail serving you will need:

45ml White Rum

Soda Water, Tonic Water or Lemonade

1 1/2 tsp White Sugar

4 Limes

4 Fresh Mint leaves including the stem of the mint

20 pieces of ice

A long handled teaspoon

A Cocktail Muddler

A Tall Drinking Glass

A Straw

Shaken Not Stirred

Place the sugar, and the juice of about three limes into the base of the glass, and mix it together with the teaspoon.

Place the mint into the glass, and use the Cocktail Muddler to crush the mint leaves into the sugar mixture. It’s important to crush the stem as much as you can so that the real mint flavour is released. If you don’t have a Muddler, use the handle of a wooden spoon.

Fill the glass to the top with ice and squeeze in the remaining fourth lime.

Pour in the white rum and stir the mixture together thoroughly with the teaspoon.

Top up your glass with either soda water or tonic water. If you prefer your Mojito to be a bit sweeter, use lemonade instead.


Garnish your drink authentically by adding a stick of mint into the edge of the glass and pop in a wedge of lime.

And there you have it, your traditional Mojito Cocktail – cheers!…..or as the Cubans like to say:  Salud!

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