Learning how to bone a chicken will save you money.  A whole chicken is usually priced lower per kilogram as the cost of paying a butcher to debone and fillet the chicken is passed on to you.  You can also reduce wastage by using all of the chicken elsewhere.

Step by step instructions

1.      You will need a thin sharp knife and a large cutting board to ensure the chicken doesn’t slip.

2.      Start by placing the chicken breast side up. Cut off the tail of the chicken.  Remove the inner fat of the chicken with your hands.  Be careful not to hook a bone under your fingernail.

3.      Make a small incision on one side of the backbone.  Turn the chicken around and cut down the backbone where you have already made the first incision.

4.      Open the chicken up.

5.      Make a small incision in the breast bone.  Using your thumbs, peel the chicken open and pull out the breast bone.  You now have a butterfly chicken

6.      Remove the rib cage and any fat.

7.      Make an incision around the leg bone and repeat on the other side. Remove the cartilage and any left over fat.

8.      Rollup the finished product and tie up with string and skewers to make your succulent whole roast chicken.

Using the chicken for other meals

Cut the chicken into smaller pieces and make more exciting chicken recipes from the chicken breasts, chicken thighs and other sections.

Any bones leftover from the process can be used to make additive free homemade chicken stock.

Off cuts such as extra fat, giblets and the tail section can be used as a treat for your cat.

As a final note, we recommend using a chopping board just for chicken.  Visit Food Standards Australia New Zealand for fact sheets advising on how to clean your cutting board.

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