Mee goreng is a well-known dish in Malaysia and it is commonly found in restaurants and hawker stalls.The word ‘mee’ refers to noodles and ‘goreng’ is stir fry.

If you are a big fan of noodle I would describe this dish as heavenly. In Malaysia it is affordable to buy a plate of Mee Goreng in any hawker stalls for $3 NZD unlike in NZ I’ve learned to cook a good plate of mee goreng by myself.


Prep time: 10 minutes

Cook time: 15 minutes

Total time: 25 minutes

2 serves

Dry Ingredients

Blend these dry items

Half onion

2 clove of garlic

1cm of ginger (optional)

1 tbsp of chili powder

2 tbsp spoon of oil

4 tbsp of water

If the paste is too thick add little water while you blend to make it as a paste runnier.

Wet Ingredients

4 tablespoon of Oil

1 stalk of Spring onion

½ cup of Bean sprouts

1 Tomato chopped

2 stalks of choy sum or cabbage if preferred (cut choy sum into 2 inch pieces)

1-2 Green chili chopped

3 tbsp of Sweet Soy Sauce

2 tbsp Light Soy Sauce

1 tbsp Ketchup sauce

1 tbsp Kicap Manis (Sweet dark sauce)

1 teaspoon of Sugar

3 shrimp or 1 ounce of chicken/beef (thinly sliced)

½ lemon


1. Heat the wok with 4 table spoons of oil and add the blended ingredients into the wok.

2. Allow the paste to be cooked in medium heat till the colour darkened (add chili powder if you want it spicier) then add chopped tomato

3. Saute for another 4 minutes then add the sweet & light soy sauce, ketchup, kicap manis and meat, stir fry till the meat item for 3 minutes.

4. Add the noodles and choy sum or any other preferred vegetable. Stir fry in medium heat and close the wok lid for 3 minutes.

5. Open the lid and sprinkle some water to keep the noodles moist. Continue to stir the noodles well.

6. Add salt to taste

7. Add the bean sprouts and cook for another 3 minutes in low heat and turn off

8. Squeeze the lemon to enhance a tangy feeling before serving





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