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Healthy Snack Packs that Travel Easy

Posted By Cheryl Murphy On August 26, 2009 @ 2:28 pm In Eat Healthy | Comments Disabled

There are plenty of reasons why we should try to consume healthy bites while we travel. It is usually a very stressful period and it is so easy to veer away from our normal healthy habits.

Good food can help boost energy while traveling. By consuming high quality protein complimented by whole grains, the immune system will remain strong. Also, lots of fruits and vegetables aid in hydrating the body and most of us know how important it is to stay hydrated with air travel.

Drink plenty of fluids when travelling

The body will not function properly without fluids. Digestive issues can surface while away and on the road when our body clock tries to stay on its own time zone.

Travel can be hectic, especially air travel. Waking early, getting through security, and checking bags can trigger the stress level to an all time high.

Your long-term health depends on daily food intake

Eating the right food might not always be high on the priority list but keep in mind that an accumulation of what we eat on a daily basis has much to do with our long term health.

Always pack a few snacks even if dining out will be the main source of food on the road.

Bringing along snacks will maintain blood sugar just in case the cafe you plan dine at is closed or directions to get there are not right.

Easy and healthy travel snack pack ideas

* Bean cheese and brown rice burrito; cherry tomatoes and jicama sticks with balsamic vinegar; bag of seasonal berries; trail mix (can be high in calorie-to reduce the calories, combine high quality cereal to a small amount of trail mix); filtered water
* Nut butter over brown rice cakes or lavash; banana and pear; pumpkin seeds; and a ginger beverage
* Bag of local greens pushed into whole wheat pita; pesto or hummus spread lightly on herbed whole grain crackers; boiled organic eggs; a locally grown apple;  green tea
* Whole grain salad combining quinoa, amaranth or wheat berry, fresh chopped vegetables, kalamata olives, pine nuts with lemon and olive oil; miso soup packets; wild salmon or tuna packet; almonds; and peppermint tea

Always keep food chilled. Try to take just enough food so nothing goes to waste.

About The Author

Cheryl Murphy, Bauman Certified Nutrition Educator and Lifestyle coach, nutrition blogger and a Flight Attendant for the past 15 years, focuses on holistic nutrition-outlines for flight crew, frequent flyers and people under stress.

After years of struggling with fatigue while traveling, Cheryl took it upon herself to find out how traveling could be a lot more fun with a lot more energy.

In her spare time, Cheryl finds time to take her two Scottish Terriers for long walks and hikes. She thrives on travelling the world with her husband to find adventurous food, antique books and vintage clothing.

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