When we go camping each summer, we like to stop at a favorite local fruit stand and buy a 10 kg box of fresh peaches. After enjoying some delicious peach milkshakes and making some peach jam, I decided to freeze the extra peaches.

Peaches are very easy to freeze. If you have some extra peaches and need to do something with them in a hurry, you can prepare them for the freezer in no time.

Just before I go into “how to freeze peaches”, check out this video on “how to know when a peach is ripe”. It’s well worth a look because you only ever want to buy the best peaches available – especially if you intend to freeze them for any length of time…

Ok. here’s what you will need when it comes to freezing those peaches:

Plastic freezer containers
Fruit Fresh
2-litre measuring cup

There are a number of ways of freezing peaches, but the easiest way is to just pack them into freezer containers.

Four cups of peaches will fit into a 1-litre freezer container. One medium peach is approximately 1 cup.

Choose firm, ripe peaches that haven’t begun to spoil or turn brown.

Peel and pit the peaches and slice them into the large measuring cup until you have 4 cups. Slice just enough to pack into one freezer container at a time to prevent browning. To peel the peaches more easily, dip them into a bowl of boiling water for at least 30 seconds and then dip them into a bowl of ice water. The skins should slip right off.

After you have prepared the peaches, stir in 1 tablespoon of Fruit Fresh. Fruit Fresh is a powder that preserves the color of the peaches, keeping them from turning brown. You can find it with the canning supplies at your local grocery store.

Next pack your freezer container and place the lid on top. Label the container with the contents and date. Peaches frozen by this method will last up to 6 months in the freezer.

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