When you buy a new wok it is important that you clean and prepare the wok for use before you actually start cooking on it. Cleaning and preparing the wok helps wash the rust proofing oil remains off and prepares your pan for regular use.

To prepare your wok, you will need:

  • steel wool
  • a bowl of warm, soapy water
  • cooking oil (any oil will do)
  • a small cloth or dishtowel
  • cane wok brush (for ongoing cleaning)



1. Use a steel wool scrubber  and the warm soapy water to scrub the pan, making sure you get the residual oil off with lots of suds.

2. Once you have cleaned the pan rinse off thoroughly with plain water.

3. Heat your wok up very hot, and when the water has all evaporated and get a towel with a little cooking oil and rub around the very hot wok.

4. Let the wok cool down, then put it away into a dry cupboard.

For Ongoing Cleaning

Every time you use the wok, use a cane wok brush to clean your wok while the wok is still hot and just emptied of the food. quickly brush out the wok to prevent burnt food and sauces from sticking. The wok should go back on to the heat source straight away to get it bone dry. At this stage you could leave it to cool down before putting it back into that cupboard, or put extra oil in and do another meal or dish.


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