You’ve had a lousy day at work. You stop at the supermarket on the way home and grab a six-pack out of what they laughingly call a “chiller”. You get home and pop the first bottle…

And your day takes yet another nosedive. The beer is about as cold as a freshly brewed cup of tea.


What can you do to avert this disaster? How can you turn your day around and avoid a headlong decent into depression? The fridge isn’t an option – far too slow. You need an ice-cold beer NOW!

Help is Here

Don’t reach for the Prozac. Help is at hand. There is a way to get that beer cold. And FAST.

Stop. Feel the moment. Take several long slow breaths. And then…

Find a suitably sized container – large bowl or saucepan, even the sink will do.

Fill this container about half full with cold water.

Fill the container up about another quarter with ice.

Stir in a couple of big handfuls of salt. Obviously, the bigger the container, the more salt you’ll need.

Place your bottles of beer into the water/ice/salt mixture.

Wait between 2 to 4 minutes.


Remove one of the beers, open and drink. You’ll find the beverage is now tongue-stiffeningly, teeth-crackingly cold. Your day has been saved.

Drink a couple more and you’ll see work in quite a different light. The faint misgivings you had about your own conduct will vanish, and the boss’s well-meaning criticisms will be revealed for what they are – a baseless personal attack by a man of questionable intellectual capacity.

How Does it Work?

The beer? Well, there’s this thing called alcohol… But that’s a subject for another article.

The super-chilling magic outlined above, on the other hand, derives from the action of salt on water.

When salt is added to freshwater it lowers the temperature at which that water will freeze. Fresh water freezes a 0˚ C. Sea water freezes at around -2.2˚ C. The more salt the water contains, the lower it’s freezing point will be. In fact, if you saturate water with salt i.e. keep adding salt until no more will dissolve, you can reduce water’s freezing point to a whopping -21.1˚ C.

What you’re doing with the beer-chilling trick is creating a bath, the water in which is actually tending towards a temperature below zero while still staying liquid! That is, it gets way colder than just a mix of fresh water and ice would.

Ice Alone?

Why not just pack the beer in ice, I hear you ask? Two reasons.1/ Lumps of ice around a beverage container do not provide anywhere near as complete surface contact as liquid does. Much of the surface will be untouched by the ice. 2/ A liquid medium is more efficient at transferring the warmer molecules away from the surface of the beer bottle than solid ice.

A Lifetime of Happiness

This quick-chill trick works for any drink – beer, cola, wine. It will undoubtedly have a profoundly beneficial effect on your mental health, but it can also be used to raise your social status. Imagine the gasps of admiration and envy when you perform it at a BBQ or party.

Remember, though, you owe it to yourself to drink responsibly. Do not consume the water/ice/salt mixture, whether melted or not.

See this helpful video for more information:

How to Chill Beer FAST!, 4.9 out of 5 based on 14 ratings

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  1. David Powell says:

    Good trick i have to try this. Although usually stealing beer from my parents fridge will generally do the trick.

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  2. Solid piece of advice here! I’m going to stock up on salt for this summer’s BBQ. No longer will I put beers in the freezer to cool down beers. This inevitably leads to me forgetting I had beers in the Freezer and then whammy, exploded beer.

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  3. Mr Jennings says:

    Adding the salt actually cools it.
    Dissolving the salt is a endothermic reaction, it requires heat to complete so it draws it from the water. That’s why it dissolves in hot water faster.
    Yes it also drops the freezing point, but unless you’re cooling it with more than freshwater ice it isn’t very relative. :)
    Hurrah for cool beer

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  4. ally says:

    I’m doing this for a science project {of course not bear but soda} and i would like to know why the ice helps it like a read the articals and it kinda made since but not all the way so how does ice really help. by: Ally Kincade

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  5. Jacob says:

    good for pop to

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