In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day we thought we’d give you a little lesson on how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness. Ask any Irish person and they’ll tell you that getting a pint of ‘The Black Stuff’ just right is not just about grabbing a glass and pouring, it’s an art form!

The Temperature

Before Guinness gets to the tap and into your glass, it passes through a chiller and then through a restrictor plate which increases the pressure and creates bubbles. The ideal pint of Guinness should be served at 6 degrees, or 3.5 degrees if it’s Guinness Extra Cold.

The Glass

Everything down to the shape of the glass effects how good your pint of Guinness will be. Ideally, a faintly tulip shaped glass should be used, don’t use longer tulip or ridged glasses.

The Pour

Once you’re ready to pour your pint, and this goes for whether you’re pulling it from a tap or pouring it from the can, tilt your glass at a 45 degree angle and let the Guinness flow down the inner side of the glass rather than falling straight down to the bottom

The Wait

When the glass is approximately ¾ of the way full, stop pouring! This is the part of the now famous Guinness Two-Part-Pour. Set the glass down and leave your pint to settle until the body of the drink turns to a black colour and the head turns a creamy white

The Finishing Touches

Once the pint has settled, take the glass and tilt slightly, not as much as the first part of the pour, and top up until the head comes slightly above the top of the glass. Diageo, the now owners of Guinness, state that the entire process of pulling your pint should take a total of 119.53 seconds – so don’t worry, you won’t have to wait that long!

All that’s left to do is sit back and enjoy a pint of The Black Stuff that Arthur Guinness himself would be proud of!

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  1. The Rock says:

    So we have got the Guinness covered, what about the hangover cure? I’m thinking stick with the good old faithful cure of water, water and more water.

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  2. Mr Bob Dobalina says:

    I’m not really a beer person, but I like to treat myself to a Guinness or two on St Pat’s day (it is good for you afterall…) Eggs are meant to be good if treating a hangover. Protein apparently, it does wonders. That and a good lie down on the couch in front of the telly.

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  3. Getting the Guinness two-part pour is vital for a good Guinness. I would encourage bar staff and customers to learn to be patient in waiting for the Guinness to settle completely between pours. The liquid should be completely black before the second pour, no bubbles still rising.

    The Guinness in New Zealand has improved since I came here over five years ago. As many Guinness drinkers will tell you it tastes a little different around the world and generally the further from home the worse it is. The best is to be had in Dublin, even the Guinness in Belfast has travelled too far. New Zealand, being on the other side of the world and one has to leave the planet to get further from Dublin, does well considering. I’ll take a pint but I find it a little fizzy, perhaps too much CO2.



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  4. Shorty says:

    There are lots of reasons why the Guinness in Ireland is better than the Guinness anywhere else. Traditionally, Guinness taps in Ireland are pressurised with nitrogen – as opposed to carbon in the majority of other countries around the world.

    Also, Guinness have a relationship with the pubs in Ireland whereby a quality control representative visits them once a month to check that the taps are clean and up to standard.

    Lastly, it’s consumed hundreds of times more in Ireland than anywhere else in the world, meaning that there’s an almost constant flow on the taps giving the brew less time to go stale.

    So if you walk into a bar and are wondering if the Guinness is good – first thing you should do is look around to see how many people are drinking it!


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  5. I happen to know that pubs and bars selling Guinness in New Zealand are also visited by Guinness representatives who check the quality and teach the skills required for a good pour.

    I was once in the Cook in Hamilton and such a rep called and watched Guinness being poured by the staff. Each pint was checked for head and temperature…………..the really good bit was that I got to comment (being Irish) and drink the test pints….gratis!

    Thank you Guinness and thank you The Cook.


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  6. The Rock says:

    Hmmmm so I guess it comes down to the Gas and the amount of Guinness flowing through the taps.
    These Guinness Reps sound like mysterious folk but if they are dealing out free pints to fellow Irishman then they can’t be half bad.

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  7. I was told by the rep that the temperature the Guinness is poured at in NZ is different (cooler) than in Ireland.

    I guess the difference is an inverse reflection of the ambient temperatures in the respective countries.

    Even ignoring the Cold Flow, which I think has been withdrawn, the temperature at which Guinness is poured has reduced over the years, even in Ireland.

    Global warming?

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  8. The Rock says:

    So, what do you know about Heineken?

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  9. I know I don’t like it. I prefer Becks, Grolcsh, Stella, even some NZ beers. lol

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  10. The Rock says:

    Becks, Stella??? I was starting to trust your judgement but I think you have over stepped the mark. Becks leaves the worst after taste in your mouth and dehydrates you the second you drink it…..and not in the usual beer drinking way:)
    I will give you Grolcsh as I do enjoy this on occasions.
    Gisborne Gold is a cheeky little underdog I like along with your usual suspects of; Monteiths, Corona, Budvar and the list goes on.

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