Everyone wants their smile to last a lifetime, but how do you find the right dentist to look after those pearly whites? The tips below will help you find a dentist that’s right for you.

Do your research

Try not to pick a dentist randomly. Seek out referrals and recommendations. Visit dentist websites. You’re looking for someone with experience, proper qualifications and a great reputation.

Visit the surgery

Is it clean and well run? Is the equipment modern or antiquated. Is the dentist friendly, does he explain things well? A good dentist will take you through any proposed treatment step by step.

Ask about patient comforts

Can you watch TV or a video during treatment? Does the dentist use pre-medication or gas to relax nervous patients?

There are different types of dentist

Make sure the one you choose is suitably qualified. Are you simply after general or cosmetic dentistry, or do you need something more specialised like periodontal treatment?

Be clear about the result you want

There are sometimes a number of different treatments available and it’s important to spend time learning about the different procedures. Discuss the possible options with your dentist.

Discuss fees before treatment begins

Once you know what you need, consider shopping around – there can be significant price differences between one dentist and another.

Are payment plans available?

Dental work can be expensive. Spreading the cost over time can help ease the strain on the family budget.

Consider a second opinion

If extensive work has been recommended it may be worthwhile checking the assessment with another dentist.

Is the surgery in a convenient location?

Is it easy to get to from your home or your children’s school? This can be an important consideration if treatment requires multiple visits.

Is an emergency out-of-hours service available?

Teeth don’t always fit in with the nine to five working day. You need to know what your options are for those late-night dental calamities.

Finding the right dentist will help ensure you receive modern, qualified and fairly-priced dental care that will keep you smiling for years to come.

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