When it comes to finding superior sanitary products that may be used during menstrual periods, women have more options than ever before. Today, a range of large manufacturers offer the usual array of tampons, pads, and liners. In addition, independent companies produce special menstrual cups that collect menstrual flow without harming the environment.

Whether you’re searching for standard products of exceptionally high quality or “moon cups” that are totally planet friendly, you’ll enjoy this quick guide to finding the best sanitary hygiene products for women’s health.


Also known as sanitary napkins, today’s pads were once referred to a “maxi-pads”. Way back when, these maxi-pads were big, bulky and kind of uncomfortable to wear. Today, pads (and even thinner liners) are sleek, modern sanitary products that are created from high-tech cottons and fabric blends. These pads lock away moisture, reducing the chance of embarrassing leaks and accidents.

Women who wear pads may not want to use tampons, as these ladies may prefer to use products that absorb menstrual flow in a less invasive way. Since tampons are linked with certain health risks, such as toxic shock syndrome, they may seem unsafe to some women. Of course, the odds of experiencing adverse side effects from using tampons are very slim; after all, millions of girls and women use them on a monthly basis without incident. However, if your health is your primary concern, wearing soft, slim line pads or liners may be the right choice for you.

To find the best brands, search online or visit a specialised women’s health website that provides an online product selector tool, to see which pads, tampons or liners best suits your need.


Tampons are a tried-and-true method of absorbing blood flow from the inside. They are more discreet and allow women to continue to do all the things they need/want to do. Ie: Go swimming. Today, women have a choice of tampons, including thicker tampons for heavier days and tampons that come with or without applicators (for easier insertion).

Tampons are small, portable, and designed to widen once they are inserted in the vagina. They provide protection that isn’t bulky or uncomfortable. However, tampons must be changed regularly in order to reduce the threat of toxic shock syndrome.

Now that you know how to find superior sanitary products, you’ll be able to make a wise and informed decision about which styles will work best for your next period.

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