You will need…

• Large piece of corrugated cardboard
• Think Biro
• Scissors
• Brown paper
• Glue
• Coloured paper and shiny objects
• String/wool (for hair)
• Crayons/paint
• A friend
• Alcohol – remove if children (or individuals under 18 are involved)


1. Invite friend over for chin wag and a few drinks (hence the alcohol). Ensure you and your friend are relaxed enough to proceed to step 2. (music optional)

2. Roll out corrugated cardboard on floor (suggest the garage floor as opposed to the carpet floor in your mother’s house).

3. Get friend to lie done on corrugated cardboard. Ensure enough space between the body so you can get a pen around it.

4. Draw outline of friend with pen (suggest friend has close fitting oldish clothes to avoid permanent pen marks on clothing).

5. Friend can stand up (assuming the alcohol in step 1 has not put them in a permanent sleep, in which case you, being a dear friend, will roll them off the cardboard). Note if this happens, the next few steps will be done on your own which will be no fun!

6. Cut out outline of person.

7. Using the brown paper – cut out clothing (allow for fold away tabs). Suggest you reinforce tabs with corrugated cardboard by cutting to same size and glue to the tap portion. Eg a skirt, jacket.

8. Using coloured paper and shiny objects, glue to brown paper to create your own clothing range.

9. Place on cut out person, fold tabs around back and stick down using tape.

10. Using string/wool, create hair style and stick to head.

11. Using crayons/paint paint face (not forgetting the lips).

12. You now have a living doll!


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