Homeowners would, at some point, have to deal with scrap metals. Instead of getting rid of them, you can actually make use of the so-called junk by creating jewellery.  It  can be a great way to develop a new skill, make use of therapeutic alone time or a creative outlet.

Here’s how you can create jewellery from scrap metals.

Determine what kind of jewellery you want

Before anything else, know what kind of jewellery you want to make. You could have a specific image in mind of how you want your scrap metal jewellery to look like, or you can have a sketch of it to guide you. This visualisation allows you to sift through the scraps sitting in your home.

Sort out the metal

It’s important that you sort scrap metals out. This isn’t just for the convenience of scrap metal buyers, but also for you to determine what you will be needing for your jewellery. The scrap metals you find at home include nickel, copper, lead, tin, brass and even precious metals. Clean and refine the metals you intend to useso that your end product will look good.

Take out your jewellery making kit

Once you know what you want to make and you have the materials for it, you are almost ready to start on your project.. It is vitally important you have a jewellery making kit ready for you to be able to assemble the scraps together. A typical jewellery making kit may include types of snips, pliers, moulds and hammers. Depentant on the size of the piece of jewelry you are making you will need to get the correct mould for your type of metal. Make sure you use thei right casting material for your metal too as using the wrong material could potentially contaminate your metal before it even gets moulded.

Work on your scrap metal jewellery

Now that you have everything you need—design, materials, kit—you can already start working on your jewellery of choice. There are a variety of them you can make: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, even pins and cuff links. You can use a metal stamping kit to add words or figures on blank scrap metal sheets for a pendant. You can even twist up those scrap wires to make a bracelet. Let your imagination and creativity run wild.

There are people who melt scrap metal and pour them into a mould to get a specific form or shape, but that’s an entirely different process. With the metals you have at home, you will learn that smelting isn’t always necessary for you to create beautiful personalised scrap metal jewellery.

You’ve probably been wondering what to do with all that scrap metal you have at home. This is one way you can make do with them. You’ll find out scrap metal isn’t as boring as you initially thought. Scrap metal jewellery making is a fun, and low cost way of developing a new skill and, if you are resourceful and skilled enough your hobby can become  profitable, if you choose to sell them.

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