Are you the kind of person to shy away from darts games at parties because frankly, you think you’re terrible at them? We’ve got a few tips and pointers to help you improve your dart shooting skills so you can step your game up and impress your friends.

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Firstly, when it comes to the way to hold a dart, there’s no real ‘correct’ way. It’s really up to personal preference. Generally, a good starting point would be to see the way you hold it naturally the first time you pick it up and go from there. Many people find that holding a dart somewhere between its midway point and its front is the most comfortable position for shooting.

Some may suggest that gripping a dart too far towards its rear tends to reduce accuracy, as its pointed front can tend to flail in the air. This may be true for longer or lighter darts, and less true for shorter or heavier darts – there are literally hundreds of different dart shapes out there. With heavier or shorter darts, it can be easier to grip the dart towards its rear and ‘push’ it to the dartboard when throwing. In contrast, longer and lighter darts are generally held towards the front of the dart (the pointed end) and ‘pulled’ towards the dartboard.

When shooting the dart, again, do whatever you feel is comfortable! All techniques are effective in their own way. If you’re right handed, you’ll want to stand to the left of the dartboard to give your dominant hand a straight line to shoot. If you’re left handed, the opposite applies. Giving yourself a straight shot means you don’t have to worry about other factors like angles – you just need to straighten out your elbow, and shoot!

Just like any other movement in sports, be it swinging a bat or shooting a ball – remember to follow through with the motion. Moving your entire forearm with your throw motion is key to maintaining a straight shot and ensuring your highest chance of scoring in darts.

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