Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware of the recent trend for self renovation. There’s a plethora of TV shows all following the progress of people hard at work ripping up carpet, knocking down walls and painting up a storm. The trend can be catching and so this guide is designed to help you to renovate one of the most special rooms in your house: the bedroom. You can apply this guide to any room in your house but as the bedroom is one of the most used rooms in the house (and the one you spend the most time in), why not give it a makeover?

Before you get started, you need to work out what kind of renovation you want to do. Are you looking to simply replace your bed linens and curtains, possibly paint a feature wall and give your room a little facelift? Or do you want to buy new furniture, do a complete style overhaul and knock down some walls? If you’re in the former category your renovation will probably include trips to the local fabric store to source the right material for curtains and some visits to the hardware store to choose and buy paint. You might even splurge on some new bed linen. Then you’ve just got to find a spare weekend to get it all done!

If you’re in the latter category, it might be a good idea to get master builders to come through before you start to assess the work that needs to be done. Don’t be put off – if you’re planning to self renovate it can be a rewarding and relatively inexpensive experience. No matter what style of renovation you’re planning, this guide can help you get started:

1. Work out your budget. This is one of the most important steps. It’s no use planning a renovation or bedroom makeover if your funds don’t run to your ideal!

2. Work out if you want to adhere to a particular colour scheme or style. Hardware stores usually have colour charts and guides which can be very helpful. Start collecting pictures or ideas from design magazines and blogs and make a scrapbook or ideas folder.

3. If you’re planning on painting, make sure you wash and sand your walls down first so that you do a good job. Pick a colour that works with the lighting in your room, and try to choose a colour that lifts and brightens. Your colour guides and ideas folder can be a big help here!

4. If you love an expensive piece of furniture but can’t afford to buy it new, try sourcing items from flea markets and second hand stores. A refurbished piece can look fantastic with a coat of paint or polish and is guaranteed to be individual. This can also be an excellent weekend project.

5. If you know what kind of fabric or colours you want to use but can’t quite get it right in store, consider taking a sewing course (if sewing’s not your thing) and make your own curtains to measure. This can be a lot cheaper than buying custom or pre-made curtains and it means that you’ll have a unique feature in your bedroom. You could also consider shutters, blinds and rollers with light cancelling properties to cover your windows.

6. Lighting is another vital part of your design. Soft or bold, lighting and a fixtures are ways to add individuality and flair to your room. You could even get crafty and make some of your own light shades! Source some inspiration from local stores and online; you can even use household items to create a masterpiece.

7. Buying some prints or paintings or framing vintage posters is a way to add colour and flair. You could get some photos enlarged or make a mirror a feature.

8. If you have wooden floors in good condition, consider getting a new rug or some soft floor coverings to add warmth. If your carpet is in poor condition, think about getting it replaced or maybe just give it a good steam clean!

9. Think about size, and work to your room’s strengths. As we said before, a master builder might be a good person to consult if you’re thinking of renovating structurally.

10. Think about being green. Replace all of your bulbs and lighting with energy efficient globes.

11. If it’s time for a new bed visit a few stores and try out all the different brands. There’s no point buying a new bed if you’re not going to be comfortable.

And finally…

12. Have fun! This can be a really rewarding and exciting experience so remember to stay positive and work to your strengths. Rest well and work safely and before you know it your new bedroom will be ready!


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