Foyers can be difficult to decorate.  They are the first thing that guests see when they enter a home and create that ever so important first impression.

Messy or haphazardly decorated foyers can give people the wrong impression about the home and its occupants.  The paint choice for this part of the house is also critical.  Solid paints are common, but for more interesting walls, stripes are another favorite choice.  There are different ways to integrate stripes into the foyers decor, and each way has its own charm and purpose.

Vertical Stripes

For foyers with short ceilings, vertical stripes give the illusion of a taller entryway.  They draw the eye up and create instant length.  Thick stripes, either from floor to ceiling or from chair rail to ceiling, are the most common variety of stripes.  Painting them is relatively easy and can be accomplished in a long weekend.  If painting is not the wall covering method of choice, there are many vertical striped wallpapers that would work just as well.

Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes are a bit more uncommon than their vertical counterparts.  They are great to use in narrow or short foyers with tall ceilings, because their lines help draw the guest into the home.  In much the same way that an arrow dictates direction, horizontal stripes provide motion into the home  and prevent people from lingering in the entryway.  If horizontal stripes are used, the walls are typically painted a solid color and one or two thick stripes in a coordinating color are painted at a chair rail height.


Sometimes, it is the small details in the wall’s decor that make all the difference in transforming an ordinary space into something extraordinary.  In the case of stripes in the foyer, a delicate pinstripe can add instant accent and beauty.  Pinstripes work well in a vertical or horizontal layout.  They are also appropriate for a muted look or a bold contrasting color.  Pinstripes can be painted on, or found in wallpapers that are perfect for foyer decor.

Beyond the Walls

Adding stripes to the foyer can also move beyond the walls.  Accent pieces can also play a large part in incorporating the look of stripes into the space.  A striped dish to collect keys on a side table, a picture frame with a delicate pinstripe detail, or a striped throw rug can all add the look and beauty of stripes to the foyer.  For the homeowner who enjoys changing the look of the foyer from season to season, adding stripes into the accent pieces and painting the walls a neutral color, allows her to easily change the space’s decor to emphasize the season or holiday being celebrated.

Adding stripes to the foyer’s decor is a great way to add movement and visual interest to the space.  Stripes create a flow into the house and draw the eye up and around the space.  Although they are a common design element, they can quickly turn a boring entryway into a stunning foyer.


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