bunningslogo120x90Installing a clothesline will conserve energy, save you money and give your clothes a fresh outdoor smell without heating up your house. Find out how to install your own with this handy guide.

You Will Need

  • Drill and drill bits
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Spirit level
  • Builders square
  • Angle grinder with masonry bit (optional)
  • Pre-mixed concrete (for hoist clotheslines)
  • Retractable and fold down installation kit (mounts, nuts and bolts etc.)
  • Dynabolts

Choose Your Clothesline

There are many clotheslines in the market that will suit your washing amounts and space requirements. You can choose from the traditional hoist that many of us grew up with or a space saving retractable and fold down clotheslines.

Selecting A Site

Select a site that receives maximum sunlight, and away from view if possible. To do this, choose a site that is close to facing north and south as possible, as this will give your clothes the maximum amount of sunlight.

If you are installing a fold down or retractable clothesline in a compact area, choose an outside level wall that has the greatest accessibility to sunlight. A hoist clothesline will have recommended hole dimensions for concreting its central pole into the ground. Make sure to poke out air bubbles in wet cement when concreting pole into the ground.


A hoist clothesline will have a recommended area diameter and hole dimensions for concreting its central pole into the ground. Simply follow the recommendations for hole depth, wet the inside of the hole, place in clothesline and pre-mix concrete with water. Make sure to poke out air bubbles and check the vertical level with a spirit level and allow concrete to cure for 24hrs. Once the concrete has set, simply follow the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer.

When you purchase a wall mounted retractable or fold down clotheslines, all the mounting components are supplied, besides dynabolts. Simply choose a suitable wall location with no obstructions and good sunlight, level and attach the wall brackets then follow the assembly instructions. Make sure to identify the weight capacity of the house before mounting. If it isn’t strong enough, use a ground conversion kit which is available at Bunnings.

A Few Handy Tips

  • Manufacturers recommend a mounting height of 50mm above the user’s height.
  • Masonry anchors aren’t always provided in your installation kit, therefore consult your hardware specialist for advice on which anchors are suitable for your particular building structure.
  • Dry soil will absorb moisture out of the wet concrete therefore weakening the stability. To prevent this lightly spray water inside the hole before filling it with concrete.
  • If you mix your concrete in a wheelbarrow, wet your wheelbarrow first to make the cleanup easier.

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