There are several places that one could incorporate Spiral Stair cases or curved stair cases into a building or home. Such additions to architecture have been around for centuries.

The first staircases were used in castles and made to reach the top of towers. They were made of stone and were designed to help defend the castle against the enemy. Such structures have a slightly different purpose when used today. They are available in many sizes and configurations. They can be configured to fit into any space and are extremely flexible in their application. This article will give examples of what type of application may be appropriate and why.

Ideal loft or attic access

One use for these types of companion ways could be a loft area. Such a design lends itself to this particular type of steps. The openness that a loft conveys would certainly be accented by a set of curved or spiral steps. It adds to the architectural feel of such a space rather than taking away from it. Many wonderful moments are captured on film with the main character descending into a room with those below her watching.

Complimentary to large foyers

Homeowners that have large foyers also prefer a curved or spiral staircase. The great hall entrance lends itself to the cascading steps from the centre. If the floor plan permits, the structures may even come from two different directions that lead to a landing in the middle. It makes an awesome impression when a guest steps in from the main entrance.

A great way to reach the balcony or deck

Another option is the transition up to a balcony or deck. This is a perfect design because it won’t take up any additional and precious space but adds great eye appeal from your backyard. Back door neighbours will be envious of the beautiful addition to the home. This application also is prevalent in two story office buildings where there is a common area. Architects will use a back entrance to the building so that it gives the tenants some place to gather, smoke or exit to a parking lot in the rear of the building.

The steel and concrete structures that you normally find in public buildings are used as a support mechanism and are very cost effective. The transition between floors can be a struggle for a public building. The architects often find this as a great and appealing compliment to the elevators that are so readily available for use.

Excellent fire escape

Finally, one can use these types of steps for a fire escape in a building. Again, they will not take up too much room and have been found to be a quick and efficient means of exiting in a hurry.

One can customize these steps to fit your personal taste as well as your budget. An experienced and reputable establishment will offer a combination of materials and designs that will compliment any décor. The mixture of many types of wood or even rod iron can add a touch of style and taste to any home or office building.

The history of the staircase is a long one. These barren and narrow structures have transformed into beautiful works of art.

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Connor R. Sullivan converted a garage into an apartment with spiral stairs leading to the second floor.

He loved the idea of using curved stairs to add an architectural element.

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    Can you please send me details of Spiral Stair cases that are available. These are for a barn house, so prefer rustic to fancy. Plus any alternative styles that are compact. Space is our bigest difficulty.

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