When creating house plans it makes sense that your architect understands which way the sun comes up and which way it will set on the property. Since the sun comes up in the East and sets in the west, there are all kinds of things the architect can do to help improve the efficiency to save you money on your heating bill in the winter time and air conditioning energy costs in the summertime.

Consider the layout of your property in relation to the sun

If you are considering buying plans on the Internet, or looking through one of those books that has house plans, you must consider the layout of your property in relation to the sun. The direction of the sun in the morning and during the day can make a huge difference to the warmth and internal brightness of your home. All too often, homes are built without consideration that on some streets certain designs will lead to energy inefficiencies.

You can save thousands of dollars a year on energy costs

If you’re going to build your own home, at least you have the opportunity to take all this into consideration and save yourself thousands of dollars a year on your energy bills. Every good architect knows this, and every builder thinks about it. However, they also know that they are restricted by the layout of the streets.

Home-builders do the best they can to make the right decisions and they have multiple house plans to choose from for each lot.

If you are looking to buy a home, you should very much consider both the way the street faces and the way the home faces.

Now, it wasn’t my intention to complicate your home buying strategy, or render your favorite house plans unworkable, but still you must realize it’s better to know now, than later. Please consider all this.

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