Installing interior doors is a simple enough task, but it needs patience and attention to detail to achieve a successful outcome. The steps below will guide you through the process.

Hanging a Door Step by Step

  • Mark up your door for trimming to ensure that it fits correctly within the doorframe. To hang a door properly it should be 2mm smaller on the top and both sides than the frame, and should sit at least 6mm above the floor, more if it is to pass over carpet or other floor covering.
  • Trim the door using a plane or saw then sand the edges smooth. Go slowly. It’s better to trim too little than too much. Check the door regularly against the frame.
  • Determine where to set the hinges on your door. Generally, when installing an interior door, they should be placed so that they allow the door to open into the room and swing away from the wall on which the light switch sits.
  • Lie the door on its edge, hinge side uppermost, and place an open hinge 15cm in from each end of the door. Ensure each hinge sits square and mark its outline with a pencil. Within these outlines cut shallow recesses in the wood using a wood chisel. These recesses should be just deep enough so that each hinge flap sits flush with the wood.
  • Place the hinges in their recesses and mark the screw positions. Drill pilot holes and screw the hinges into position.
  • Have someone hold the door upright in the doorframe while you mark hinge outlines on the frame in preparation for installing the door. Set the door aside and chisel hinge recesses as before. Check that the hinges fit correctly into these recesses then mark and drill pilot holes.
  • Use one screw per hinge and screw the door into position. Check that the door opens and closes properly and that the latch engages securely. If everything is correct, finish installing your door by screwing in the remaining screws.

There’s nothing more annoying than a door that sticks or won’t latch properly. By following the steps above you’ll be able to install an interior door so that it opens smoothly, closes securely and remains a pleasure to use for years to come.

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