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How to Paint The Exterior of Your House

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House painting can be great way to improve the way that your home looks, and it can also protect the home from damage over time from environmental conditions. While many homeowners may prefer to avoid the effort by hiring a house painting company [1], it is a job that you can do on your own. Exterior painting can be a bit of a big job, but with a little bit of planning, careful preparation and a few tips on how to do it right, it can be made easier.

1.     Planning

In planning to paint your house, you will need to determine which type of paint to use, the colour and how much paint you will need. For paint types, you can choose from water-based paints and solvent-based paints. The water-based paints tend to be easier to apply and they dry faster, but the solvent-based paints usually work better for areas that see a lot of wear.

To figure out the amount of paint that you will need, you have to calculate the total surface area that you are going to need to cover. Once you know how many square metres of surface area that you need to paint, you can basically count on buying one litre of paint for every fourteen square metres. However, this can vary from one brand to the next, so you will want to check the label before you buy.

When you are buying the paint, you also want to consider the equipment that you are going to need. Make a list of things like rollers, brushes, buckets, drop clothes, ladders, etc. Also, consider the quality of the equipment that you buy. Cheap rollers and brushes tend to require more work to apply the paint and better equipment [2] usually provides a better end result.

2.     Preparation

To start preparation, it’s best to remove as many items from the outside of the home as possible. This includes any numbers, shutters, the garden hose, outdoor furniture, light fixtures, etc. Anything that can’t be removed, you will want to cover/mask in order to protect it.

Next, you will want to wash the exterior and repair any imperfections that could affect the paint. This means filling holes and cracks in the exterior, caulking, removing rust from any metal and punching down any loose nails. You also want to sand away any loose paint that may be on the structure. Once everything is repaired and cleaned, you can then prime all of the surfaces.

 3.     Painting

Getting started on the actual house painting means mixing the paint [3]. You can mix the paint one can at a time as you need it or you could do like professional residential painters and mix multiple cans in one large container. Mixing more than one can will help to ensure an even colour and it can save you some time.

For working with a brush, you want to apply nice long strokes that are smooth and work from the top to the bottom. With the rollers, you want to make sure that you apply long strokes that are even and steady. In addition, you want to make sure not to overload the rollers. If it is dripping with paint, then you have too much.

4.     Clean Up

When you are done with your home’s exterior painting, you want to make sure to clean and store all paint and equipment properly. Thoroughly wash all brushes and rollers. If you were using a solvent-based paint, then that means that you are going to need to use turpentine. If you were using water-based paint, then you can clean them in water.

For the remaining paint, you want to seal all of the cans and store the paint in an area that will not expose it to damage. If you do not plan to use the paint again in the future, then it is recommended that you bring it to a recycling centre that accepts paint.

5.     Or Call in the Experts

Painting an entire house by yourself can be a time consuming and painstaking undertaking, so hiring painting specialists can be a way of ensuring fast completion and quality of a painting job. Check out to find a great painting contractor near you.

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