There’s a lot that can be said about the dangers of outdated electrical wiring. Industry experts, Industry experts like Adam Tulloch, know all to well  the dangers of faulty or poorly maintained wiring. Faulty wiring is among the leading causes of structural fires in the world. That is why it only makes sense to keep your homes wiring well maintained and updated.

But how do you know when your wiring needs replaced? Here’s how to know if the building’s wiring is not up to current standard.

Look For Damaged or Exposed Wires

Wires carry through them a lot of electricity –and a lot of heat as well. A constant stream of heat, coupled with aging, corrosion and bending, can cause wires to fray. Wires can also be nicked, pierced or pinched by sharp and pointed objects. keep an eye out for any exposed or uninsulated sectiosn of wiring.

Look For Scorch Marks

Moving energy can generate a lot of heat, and with a lot of heat comes a tendency for things to burn. Scorch marks can be found either on or around outlets or switch. Scortch Marks around a socket indicate that the connections inside are failing. Thuis could also mean that the outlet, plate or even drywall behind are also damaged. Newer wires are sturdier at handling high loads, so they run cooler. Older wiring doesn’t have the same features or level of insulation so you need to be sure your wiring is up to scratch.

If you are unsure as to how old or worn your homes wiring is you can get  professional electrical testing done for an experts input.

Watch Out For Tripping Circuit Breakers

Do you find yourself constantly having to reset circuit breakers? When breakers do this, it means they’re overloaded; it’s a preventive measure. Electricians can assess the amount of load that the building’s circuits handle and recommend specific upgrades to solve this problem.

See If Lights Dim When Others Are Used

If you turn on the TV and the lights dim afterwards, it means the lights don’t get enough power. The wiring must deliver enough juice to power everything in your home under full load. If you notice your lights dimming when other appliances or equipment is in use, get an electrician check your homes wiring out immediately.


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