Keeping your swimming pool warm will make it a more comfortable and inviting environment where swimmers can truly take advantage of the opportunities for fun and relaxation that it offers. Of course, you don’t want to waste unnecessary money and energy increasing and maintaining the temperature of your pool’s water, and fortunately you don’t have to. Heat pump swimming pool heaters are the most energy efficient way to keep water warm and will allow you and your friends and family to make the most of every swimming season.

How Heat Pumps Work

Heat pump pool heaters use a combination of solar energy and electricity to heat your swimming pool effectively and efficiently. The pump itself is powered by electricity and transfers heat from the surrounding atmosphere into your pool’s water. More specifically, the pump takes the heat from the sun-warmed air, upgrades it with a compressor and then transfers it into the water. High quality swimming pool heat pump heaters that are the appropriate size for the pool they are heating can maintain pool temperatures between 28 and 35 degrees centigrade, as desired.

This heating method results in very little wasted energy and also requires minimal electricity to operate. As a result, heat pump pool heaters provide a truly energy-efficient way to keep pools warm and are amazingly inexpensive to operate. In fact, swimming pool heat pump heaters can save you up to 80% in energy costs as compared to natural gas pool heaters. With today’s concerns about the economy and saving money, this is a very valuable benefit and means that you don’t have to give up the enjoyment that your pool brings in order to cut back and save on expenses.

Clean and Safe

The exceptional efficiency of swimming pool heat pump heaters and their clean and safe operation also means that this method of heating swimming pools is very eco-friendly. The only option for heating swimming pools that is more environmentally friendly is to use solar panels. However, solar panels won’t fit on every roof and can be costly to install. For these reasons, pool heat pump heaters are typically the most feasible eco-friendly heating option for swimming pool owners.

Durable and Long-lasting

Another great characteristic of swimming pool heat pump heaters is the fact that they are designed to be very durable and long-lasting. Most units come with UV and weather resistant housing that allows the heater to withstand damage from ice and harsh winter weather.

Since heat pump heaters contain moving parts, they may require occasional service from a qualified technician. However, with the proper care and maintenance, these heaters will generally provide high-performance operation for up to 15 years or even longer. In addition to extending the unit’s lifespan, proper maintenance will also keep your heat pump pool heater working at maximum efficiency.

Ease of Operation

Swimming pool heat pump heaters also come with a variety of great features that make heating your pool to the desired temperature a breeze. For example, many models come with easy-to-read and easy-to-control LED displays as well as mechanical thermostats which allow you to set the temperature conveniently and precisely.

In addition, heat pump pool heaters from trusted and respected manufacturers incorporate innovative technology into their models so that you can enjoy an exceptionally high standard of quality. Many swimming pool heat pump heaters also offer very quiet operation, so you will hardly even know that your heater is there.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a heat pump heater for your swimming pool, there are a number of factors to consider. For instance, you should know what your desired water temperature is as well as the desired the length of your swimming season. The size of your pool and your local climate are also important factors.

Finally, when considering the various available models of swimming pool heat pump heaters, you need to have a spending plan and budget in place. While different models will fall within a wide range of prices, it’s certainly possible to find high quality heat pump heaters at competitive prices. When you take the time to do some research, it’s much easier to find great deals.

No matter what particular model you decide to use to heat your swimming pool, your new heat pump pool heater will provide you with a wide array of fantastic benefits. From their incredible efficiency and low environmental impact to their significant cost savings, swimming pool heat pump heaters have so much to offer. So if you want to keep your pool water warm in a highly energy efficient way, take some time to consider the purchase and installation of your own heat pump swimming pool heater.

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Brenda Masten is an experienced pool owner with deep knowledge of heat pump swimming pool heaters. She explains all advantages and disadvantages of this pool heater type.

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