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How to install a bird feeder in your garden

Posted By Amy Pratt On April 7, 2014 @ 11:04 am In Garden & Outdoors | No Comments

A bird feeder in the garden is a great way to encourage feathered friends to flock to your yard, as well as ensuring they have enough food to eat all year round.

Two basic feeders are a table or a bottle feeder:

The table

This is a really easy feeder to install. All you need is a plank of wood, a few nails, a metal sheath and a tree branch.

Nail your piece of wood to a tree branch, ensuring it is high up enough that cats cannot get to it (after all, this is a bird feeder – not a cat feeder!). Attaching the metal sheath to the tree will ensure cats cannot climb up.

Hammer extra nails through the base of the wood, so they are sticking up through the table. You can use these to attach fruit and bread to the table so the food stays still while the birds are enjoying dinner.

If you are worried about the metal sheath taking away from the natural beauty of the tree, you can spray paint it to have it blend in with the garden. Alternatively, if you have children or grandchildren, you should decorate it as a welcome sign to the birds that are calling in for a meal!

The bottle feeder

For this feeder you will need:

• An empty 1 litre drink bottle (fizzy drink or milk bottles work best!)
• 2 wooden spoons
• Small eye screw
• Twine
• Birdseed

The two wooden spoons are used as perches for the birds. Make holes in the bottle so the wooden spoons can slide all the way through until the ‘spoon’ part is pressed up against the side of the bottle.

It is important that the holes the spoons slide through are even (two near the base of the bottle and two about half way up), as you don’t want the ‘perches’ to fall out of your feeder. Be careful not to cut yourself whilst doing this!

Make the holes slightly larger at each ‘spoon’ part rather than the ‘stick’ part, as bird seed will come out of the bottle at these points when birds arrive for dinner.

Make a hole in the bottle lid and insert the small eye screw. Use this to knot your twine around as this is how you will attach the feeder to a tree branch.

Fill the feeder with birdseed and hang it in a place where cats cannot get to it. Then sit back and wait for birds to fly in for their special treat!

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