Winter is on its way and with it comes wetter colder weather. One of the ways you protect your home from the ravages of winter is to waterproof it. If your home is made of permanent material such as brickwork, concrete, Oamaru stone, Summerhill stone, Fibrolite or other hard porous material, you can prevent moisture penetration and improve heat retention by applying specialized silicon sealant.

Brick, stone, Fibrolite and concrete are porous and moisture can penetrate the surface of the material. This moisture can damage the material when it freezes and expands. It will also encourage the growth of algae and mould, discolouring the surface and moisture penetration will reduce the thermal insulation properties of the material.

Benefits of Waterproofing

  • Prevents surface frost damage
  • Prevents damp penetration to interior
  • Improves heat retention of building
  • Limits algal and mould growth and discolouration
  • Reduces staining and aids removal of graffiti

Which Product?

There are two Kiwicare products formulated for the waterproofing of hard porous building material; NO Leaks Masonry Sealer and NO Leaks Red Brick and Terracotta Sealer. NO Leaks Wateproof Sealers create an effective barrier against water penetration without hindering the ability of the walls and other treated materials to ‘breathe,’ allowing trapped moisture to evaporate.

NO Leaks Masonry Sealer is water based and easy to apply. It is suitable for concrete, stone such as Oamaru or Summerhill, Fibrolite and light coloured brick work. However, this product can cause insoluable salts in some materials to bloom at the surface (efflorescence). This is not noticeable on light coloured materials but will show up on dark material such as terracotta, slate and red brick. The salt bloom can be very difficult to remove so Kiwicare has developed NO Leaks Red Brick and Terracotta Sealer and associated Solvent for these materials.

NO Leaks Red Brick and Terracotta Sealer is solvent based and needs to be mixed with NO Leaks Red Brick and Terracotta Solvent or white spirits.


The sealers can be applied using brush, roller or spray. Follow the product instructions carefully. These products are designed to give long lasting protection and are almost impossible to remove once applied.

  • Chemical treatment to kill algal, mould or moss growth with Kiwicare NO Moss Mould Mildew is recommended before application. Brush off dead moss before waterproofing.
  • Wash or brush down surfaces to remove obvious dirt, grime or flaking paint. Allow surfaces to dry completely before treating.
  • Ensure surfaces to be treated, particularly slate and tile, are free from resins, polishes or surface coatings which may react with white spirits.
  • Cracks in excess of 0.5mm should be filled prior to treatment.
  • Mask or screen glass and aluminium surfaces prior to treatment
  • Mask off window glass and other areas that are not to be treated. NO Leaks Masonry Sealer will etch glass permanently.
  • Wait 28 days before treating new masonry.
  • Water blasting – wait 3 days after water blasting.
  • Wait 24 hours after rain.

Surfaces treated with Waterproof Sealer can be painted over, providing certain precautions are taken.  Thin down water based paints as little as possible.  Always use a good undercoat before applying oil based paints.

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