Heated towel rails have become an essential feature of the modern bathroom. Many consider the heated towel rail not only a bathroom accessory but also an added luxurious element of the house. Here follows some effective tips for buying the heated towel rails.

Choosing the Right Towel Rail for You

As a buyer of the heated towel rails, you may face some dilemma as which one to choose. I will tell you about three kinds of the heated rails and their respective benefits so that you can decide yourself. There are great options: plumbed-in, electric and dual fuel rails.

Plumbed-in Rails

First, the plumbed-in rail, which is designed to be plumbed into your central heating system, like any other radiator in the house. The great benefit of the plumbed-in heated rails is that it is cheaper than the other types of heated rails. But there are also some inconveniences such as for the plumbed-in rails you need to have the appropriate pipe work in place and your towel rail will only operate when the central heating is switched on.

Electric Towel Rails

Then there is another kind of heated rail called electric heated rail. Electric heated towel rails have advantage over the plumbed-in heated rails. Electric heated towel rails, which operate totally independently from your central heating system. Electric heated towel rails can be switched on or off depending on the weather or climate conditions in your area. The heated towel rails are ideal if your house does not have central heating pipe work already in place. However, electric heated towel rails are more expensive than the plumbed-in towel rails.

Dual Fuel Towel Rails

But there is still another great option for you. You can choose a heated rail having dual fuel. The dual fuel heated rails will operate like any other radiators when the central heating is on, and also when the heating system is off. The dual fuel heated rail will run on electricity alone. Thus the dual fuel option can be a wise and effective choice for you.

Nowadays there are a great deal of the heated towel rails sold in the market. They are all of various shapes, sizes and colours, ranging from classic-looking ones, to more modern and high-tech models.

When the Metal is the Matter

The buyers of the heated rails often face great dilemma whether to buy the brass or steel heated rails. It is true that the brass rails are more expensive than the steel rails. But the brass rails have a much longer life than the steel rails. So, it is not expensive but cost effective if you consider the service .The brass rails also have a good finish. So, I will advise you to buy the brass rails if you want to live with your towel rail for a long time.

Customized Rails

You may not have a large place to place your towel rails or the place you have may be a very tricky space. But don’t be afraid. You will have all sorts of rails in the market. There are certain companies who create bespoke versions of the towel rails to suit the individual needs.

So, keep in mind the above mentioned tips when you go to buy a new heated towel rail.

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