Up to three times more efficient than standard electric heaters, heat pumps are one of the cheapest ways to heat your house. They’ll also cool it for you too. To help you choose the right heat pump for your home we’ve put together a few handy tips.

Define Your Needs

Do you live in a cold area where heating performance is important? Or are you more concerned about chilling the house on those hot summer days. Choose a model that will satisfy your temperature requirements.

How Many Rooms

How many rooms do you want to heat/cool? Single unit heat pumps are designed to control the climate in one room while multi-split systems can accommodate multiple rooms.

The Right Size

Size the heat pump correctly – it needs to have sufficient capacity to heat the desired space efficiently. A unit that is too small will have to work too hard and will consume more power.

Energy Efficiency

Check the energy rating label – it’ll tell you how much power the unit uses and how energy efficient it is when running at an outside temperature of 7º C (the more stars the better). If the unit bears an Energy Star mark it will be one of the most energy efficient on the market.

Low Temperature Performance

If you live in a very cold area look for additional information on how the unit performs at outside temperatures of 2º C (known as “H2 output capacity”).


When frost builds up on the outside heat-exchanger coils the unit will become incapable of producing heat. An automatic de-icing function will keep the unit working in icy conditions.

Extra Features

Look for features like variable airflow control settings, movable or oscillating louvers, timers, and air filters – they can all help you get more out of your heating dollar.


Check the noise level. This is particularly important if the unit is to be placed in a bedroom or near a TV or stereo.

Inverter Technology

Ensure the heat pump uses inverter technology. Inverter heat pumps use less power as they do not need to constantly stop and start to maintain a particular temperature.

Correctly size your heat pump, pay attention to performance enhancing features and choose a model suited to the conditions in your area – you’ll stay toasty warm in winter and cool as a cucumber in summer.

Ever wondered how a heat pump works? Find out in this video.

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