So you have decided to finally replace that old carpet in your home. Now you have to decide whether to install wool or synthetic carpet. There are differences you need to be aware of before making this decision.

Stain Resistance

Unknown to most people, wool resists stain and spills much better than synthetic carpet. Have you ever seen a stained sheep or one losing its wool? Makes sense now that you think about it. Stains have a tendency of soaking into the synthetic carpet even with stain resistant chemicals installed. Wool will not soak in the spills, like wine or other liquids because it is naturally stain resistant.

Life Expectancy

Not only is wool more stain resistant, it lasts much longer than synthetic. It is not known exactly why synthetic carpet does not last as long, but many experts believe it is the chemicals used in the production of this man-made product. As for wool, again you can look at sheep. You never see them losing their wool, and the natural fiber holds up better under different wear conditions. You will get at least twice the life of wool carpet over synthetic, possibly more.


Because of the two previous factors, wool carpet is much more expensive than synthetic. Because synthetic is much cheaper, you need to look at what your remodeling budget is before deciding which fibre to purchase. If you are limited on funds, you will want to choose the synthetic because it can be much cheaper than wool. Many people prefer New Zealand wool because our sheep’s wool is purer and finer than sheep found in most other countries. If you are looking for the best carpet to install in your home, then wool carpet from New Zealand is the way to go.


This goes without saying, but wool is definitely more eco-friendly than synthetic carpet. Remember, chemicals and other man-made products are used to construct synthetic carpet. However, synthetic can be recycled, depending on the type of chemicals used on the synthetic. Wool is more natural, but cannot be recycled at the moment. This is something that you will have to consider.

Keep in mind all of these facts before purchasing carpet for you home. If you plan on moving in the near future, synthetic carpet will do just fine, but if you plan on living in the resident for many years to come, then going to the expense of installing wool carpet is the best option. Wool does have its limitations when it comes to color and design, while synthetic can have many more design options, as well as colors. Look to a qualified carpet retailer before making any decisions. Most have experts that can help you decide which type of carpet would benefit you the best.

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