Your living room is one of the most important rooms in your house. You spend a large amount of your leisure time here and it is one of the rooms that guests to your house will view.

For these reasons it’s important to create a comfortable space that has that ‘wow’ factor. One way to give your living room this pizazz is to personalise it with things like paintings, shelves, fabric, mirrors and photographs. Follow the tips below to create an incredible living room with the personal touch.

  1. Paintings – A simple option for decorating your living room in a personal way is to use paintings. Depending on your budget, you could buy a piece of art, commission an artist, or settle for a print of previously-created artwork. Arrange multiple paintings in an eclectic and unexpected way for a strikingly personal touch in your living room.
  2. Wall photographs – Photos placed on the walls are a great way to personalise your living room. Hang small photographs of loved ones on your wall or enlarge a single photograph and place it above a sofa or other large piece of furniture.
  3. Custom photo albums – Create a photo book of your favourite images and place it on a coffee table or in a prominent place. Custom photo albums provide a point of interest for guests and are a great way to personalise your living room. You’ll be surprised by how many people are interested to look at a custom photo album you create. By compiling a photo book and putting it in place where others can view it, you’ll individualise your living room in an interesting way.
  4. Shelving – Shelves are an easy, inexpensive way to personalise your living room. You can place a variety of object on your shelves, from photographs to lamps and mementos from family vacations. Line your shelves with objects that say something about your family to give your living room a warm, personal touch.
  5. Mirrors – Choose a wall facing a window and hang a variety of circular or rectangular mirrors to capture the light and send it bouncing around the rest of your living room. Your room will look brighter and more inviting, and by selecting mirrors in a variety of shapes and sizes, you can add more character to your wall. You may like to use mirrors from an antique or second-hand shop to reflect the light.

Giving your living room the personal touch doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. Use paintings, tailor made books, custom photo albums and shelving to individualise your space and create a living room that is the envy of the neighbourhood.


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