Sometimes, the small things can make a great impact. The same applies to interior design. Whether you have recently moved or are planning a makeover, a simple paint job or an addition of a mirror can make all the difference.

Perhaps you want to brighten a room, lighten the walls, or add excitement to your existing décor. Whichever you desire, you can look to these design tricks for inspiration, brought to you by Capital Decorators Ltd:

1.     Spread the green.

Adding plants is one of the most inexpensive ways to add a little charm and texture to your home. For busy folks, the good news is you can find low-maintenance indoor plants everywhere. Or you can always improvise and take some from your outdoor garden if you have one. Put little and large pots in every room. This will create a beautiful expanse of green in your home, simultaneously cleaning your household air.

2.     Paint smaller rooms in lighter colours.

It is every homeowner’s desire to have bigger, more open space, if only by appearance. Along with the placement of mirrors, big windows and light-coloured walls can provide the illusion of space, making the room appear larger than it is.

Likewise, darker colours can make a room feel cramped and boxed-in even with the presence of mirrors and natural light. This is why interior painting services can make or break a home’s overall impact. Make sure to tell your painters the look you want to achieve before venturing into the project.

3.     Mix and match.

If done cleverly, a little hodgepodge of design pieces will transform your boring home into something stylish. An important aspect of décor is putting little bits of your style, story and personality into it.

So, if you want to put an antique family heirloom next to a modern couch, don’t let anything stop you. When it comes to fabrics, whether it is furniture, pillows or rugs, using different patterns and colours can definitely bring out some vibrancy and life it did not have before.

Small, dull spaces can be the bane of any homeowner’s living space. But they can also be a blessing by forcing you to find ideas you may never hear about otherwise. They will not only help you reinvent your home, but will inspire creativity for future projects.

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