Shower heads are elegant fixtures in the bathroom that increase water pressure, which in turn increases the speed. Shower heads have emerged as a necessity among today’s urban population and different types of shower heads are being launched to suit individual needs.

Shower heads allow users to adjust from delicate to fast sprays. Shower heads are designed to mix and match almost an infinite combination of variations. They bring luxury and convenience to any bathroom. Modern shower heads push the water through an accelerator fin that powers up and increases the water velocity. The result is a highly boosted flow of water.

Shower Heads: The New Technology

The need for shower heads has sprung up with rising water shortage problems. Showerhead technology has evolved as many companies have understood the importance of water conservation. Companies have introduced significant changes to their showerhead technology to use less water, while giving the same water levels and quality. Shower heads that feature the push-on mixer are best for old bathrooms as they do not require any plumbing behind the walls. Shower heads come with two types of mixers:

Manual mixer: The showerhead operates in the traditional style, but with its own cold and hot water faucets. The hose and spray of the shower stay attached to the wall and the hot and cold water connect to a single adjoining system.

Thermostatic mixer: The adjustable showerhead is set to control the water temperature of the shower. The thermostatic mixer allows one to determine the temperature and speed required for the shower. The hose and showerhead stick out of the wall and connect to a single unit to stabilise the water temperature, based on your selection. This is also a great water saver.

Handheld shower heads (with hoses) have become extremely popular. These can either be attached like a standard showerhead or be pulled down and directed by hand.

Shower Heads: Factors to Consider Before Buying

Shower heads come with enhanced functionalities, including adjustable spray from a super fine needle spray. These come in innumerable designs and add elegance to any bathroom. Certain factors that one should consider before purchasing a showerhead are:

  • The valve of the shower that has been purchased
  • The water pressure
  • The amount of control you wish to exercise on the flow of water
  • The number of spray settings (this becomes important when people sharing a bathroom have different preferences)
  • The diameter of the head (This can go as high as 5.5 inches)

So, selecting the right showerhead can not only help you save hot water and electricity, it can also enable you to avoid stepping into a cold shower.

Shower heads are easy to maintain. The finishes for shower heads include brass, aluminium, iron and copper. A variety of shower heads manufactured by leading manufacturers is available at You can choose from extra large shower heads, jumbo head showers, round, square and rectangular shower heads as well as spiral, orbit and octopus shower heads, among other varieties. So select, compare, avail discounts and order the right shower head for you needs.

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