Changing the lock on your home is something you may want to do at some point in your life. Whether it’s because you’ve lost your keys or your lock no longer works, changing a lock isn’t actually that difficult and it doesn’t require much technical skill. You don’t have to be a master locksmith to change most locks, certainly not a deadbolt lock. By following this how to guide, we hope to make the process of changing your locks quick and easy, thereby helping you keep your home secure

The only tool you’ll need is a screwdriver that fits with the screws that hold your lock in place

Step 1 Buy a new lock

Seeing as you are going to replace your lock as opposed to re-keying it, you will, want to get a new lock of the same type. i.e. replace your deadbolt with another deadbolt lock. This is not to say you can’t swap your lock for one of another type but for the purposes of this guide we will be replacing it with another deadbolt lock

Step 2 Removing the old lock

Using your screwdriver remove the two large bolts holding your lock in the door. This is the part on the inside of your house that holds the lock in place. Once you have removed the screws from this part, remove the back and front of the locks

With all these parts removed you should be able to see through the hole where the lock goes. And the deadbolt will still be there

Step 3 Removing the old deadbolt

Looking at the side of the door unscrew the two screws attached to the plate on the side of the door. This is the deadbolt plate and holds the deadbolt in place inside the door. Once you have removed these screws and the deadbolt plate simply pull the rest of the lock out of the door.

Step 4 Put in your new deadbolt

Carefully insert the new deadbolt back into the door, make sure it lines up correctly with your holes and screw the new deadbolt plate into place. You need to be sure you do not mount the deadbolt upside down otherwise it won’t work.

Most deadbolts will have the word “up” written on them to indicate the correct direction. In the event that they don’t, make sure that the deadbolt is mounted with the rest of the lock assembly ensuring that all the pasts mesh together properly

Step 5 inserting the new lock

On the front or the back of your lock assembly there will be a metal bar protruding out of the lock. Insert whichever side of the lock this happens to be in and push the protruding bar along with the rest of the lock into the appropriate channel in the deadbolt itself.

Do the same again on the opposite side, making sure that the deadbolt assembly is oriented in the correct place and that all the parts fit together properly.

Finally once you are sure that all your parts are in place and aligned correctly use the screws that came with your new lock and screw the new lock into place

Step 6 test your lock

Now that your new lock is firmly fastened in place, you need to test that it actually works. With the door open put your new key into the lock and test ether the lock engages. Test the lock from both sides with the door open first before testing it with the door closed, to avoid having to break into your own home.


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