It may seem ridiculous, but there are a few people who don’t know how to change a light bulb. It’s a simple process and once you read this handy article you need never be embarrassed again (or have to call someone else to change the light bulb for you).


You don’t need any tools to change a light bulb. Depending on the height of the light bulb you wish to replace, all you will need is a chair or step ladder to stand on.

Step One

First things first – ensure the light you are changing is turned off at the wall, socket or lamp. This is the most important step because you will avoid any possible risk of electrocution.

Step Two

Standing on your chair or step ladder if necessary, carefully remove the dead light bulb.

Light bulbs in New Zealand generally come in two standard fitting sizes – screw cap or bayonet. The screw cap bulbs need to be twisted anticlockwise to be removed. Bayonet light bulbs need to be pushed down then lifted up-and-out in an anti-clockwise direction.

Step Three

Replace the new light bulb.

If you have a screw cap bulb place it into the hole provided and turn it gently in a clock-wise direction until you can twist no further.

For bayonet bulbs, align the base of the bulb and the two pins correctly into the space provided. Push down and then twist upwards in a slight clockwise motion.

Step Four

Without having physical contact with the light bulb, test that the light is working by turning it on at the wall, socket or lamp.

Success! Wrap your dead bulb in newspaper and put it with your recycled rubbish.

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