When you buy quality wooden furniture from an upmarket New Zealand furniture store like Forest Furniture, you want to be sure that it is kept in the best possible condition. That’s why it’s important to know a few basics about polishing, cleaning and maintaining to ensure your wooden furnishings are kept pristine and last as long as possible.

Different pieces of furniture will require different strategies when cleaning or refinishing them. Not all timbers were created the same, so it’s important to know more about your materials to guide your cleaning/maintenance program. By using this guide you will know how to clean, polish and maintain your wooden furniture in the long run and keep your wood looking good.


Cleaning your wooden furniture

In order to properly get to grips with your wood you need to understand the type of wood it is. Hard woods and soft woods have different compounds to use in cleaning as hard woods will have different reactions to your cleaning products than soft woods. As too will tanalized timbers. You do not want use the wrong products on the wrong wood as this can damage the finish. Before you start cleaning your wood, it is important to do some research into cleaning methods for your particular wood type. I would recommend the following solution for cleaning your wood furniture to ensure you clean your wood thoroughly. This formula works for both hard and soft woods:

Mix 2 parts olive oil, 1 part lemon juice in a bowl. Using a small amount on a clean cloth rub it into the wood. The olive oil works with the lemon juice to feed the wood whilst giving it a nice shine and smell. This method is not recommended for unfinished or tanalized wood as it can stain the furniture in a less than desirable fashion.

For older or antique wood, it is recommended to use a good quality wood oil that will clean and protect your wood. This can help restore your wood to its former glory, help protect it and make it easier to clean & polish in the future.

Polishing your wood 

Now that your wood has been thoroughly cleaned you need to give it a good rub with some polish to help bring out the shine even further. Again I would recommend doing your research when it comes to the type of polish to use on your wood. Two products that I have found to be of value and good for a range of products are Mr Sheen Multi Surface Polish or Pledge Wood Polish. It all really depends what is available in your area. You will need to check the product detail to see if it is ok to use on your wood as some timbers and finishes can have adverse reactions.

Once you have your wood polish of choice use it and a clean cloth to clean your furniture pieces, rubbing with the grain of the wood. By following the grain you ensure your wood is cleaned evenly and you get an even polish/shine. For large surfaces such as table tops, spray onto the surface directly and polish in small circles to buff the wood and leave a nice sheen on the surface.

Restoring your Wood

Most manufacturers will have a guarantee on their workmanship to repair or replace any damages to the finish on your furniture. In the event that the guarantee has lapsed, or you are more of the fix it yourself type of person you will need to evaluate what it will take to repair. Your course of action will vary depending on the type of damage suffered.

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  1. To take care of your wooden furniture is very important. When cleaning the house I take a properly attention to clean my wooden furniture. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips.

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