When you hire electricians to perform work on your home you not only want the job done at a competitive price, you want to feel sure that the work is of a competent standard. After all, the safety of your family could be at stake. The tips below will help you get value for your money and find an electrician you can have confidence in.

Make the Right Choice

  • Save up your electrical work and get several jobs done at one time. A single call-out will save you money. Most electricians, like Safepower in Wellington, will get you a better price if you ask them for multiple jobs.
  • Prepare the work area before your electrician arrives. The less time he spends doing things like moving furniture, clearing breakable possessions out of the way and gaining access to the circuit box, the less he’ll charge you.
  • In order to get the best price when you hire electricians get two or three different quotes. Note, however, that hourly rates are not the only thing you should focus on. A properly experienced electrician who carries a wide range of tools and charges a higher hourly rate may end up costing you less in the long run than a cheaper but inexperienced and poorly equipped tradesman.
  • Remember to factor in travel charges. These can have an impact on your costs so check with the electrician what his fee will be for travelling to your house.

Ask Questions

  • Check whether your electrician is properly qualified and is registered with the Electrical Workers Registration Board (EWRB). Licensed electricians will be familiar with all pertinent regulations and will work to approved standards.
  • Ask for proof that the electrician carries appropriate public liability insurance to ensure that any injury or damage resulting from their work is covered.
  • If consent is required for the work your electrician will be undertaking make sure it is applied for under his name, not yours.
  • When the work is completed the electrician must provide you with a Certificate of Compliance (CoC). This is your assurance that the work complies with the New Zealand Electrical and Safety Standards. Keep the CoC safe as it may be required for insurance purposes or when you sell your house.
  • Finally, when you hire electricians you should be aware that they generally don’t repair collateral damage caused during the course of their work. It’ll be your responsibility to fix holes cut into gib board, disturbed landscaping etc., so ask your electrician before he starts what work you’ll be left with and add it to your costs.
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  1. It’s good to know that I will have to check to make sure the electrician I hire is licensed. My husband and I are redoing our kitchen, and we need someone to come and do the electrical work for us. I’ll be sure to check their credentials, and make sure that they are qualified.

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  2. Alice Jones says:

    I like your suggestion to save money by calling for multiple issues. I didn’t know that sometimes single-calls can cost more. I’ll check at all of my electrical work and see what needs immediate work and what can be fixed with other elements later.

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