Patios are a great way to add beauty and value to your home’s exterior with very little maintenance. And the little maintenance you have to do will only involve some cleaning every once in a while because of occasional spills, craft projects, and dirt brought in by the wind. Weather can also do a number to the patio, so that is another period which may involve cleaning. But no worries, you can be prepared to handle everything. When it comes to patio cleaning, there are simpler solutions to start with, and also more complicated if previous methods didn’t work.

Step One

The first step is to sweep the entire surface of your patio. This cleans out some of the looser debris such as sand, leaves, dust, and trash. The best technique is to sweep in one direction vertically, then horizontally.

Next Step

The next step is to remove grease stains from your patio/deck, this is best done by scrubbing with a household detergent like dish soap. The best way to clean the patio is to use home made cleaners. All purpose cleaners made with baking soda and white vinegar are usually excellent home cleaners to use on the patio. They are organic and you will not have to release any chemicals and toxins on the outside.

Other stains that could be caused by moss and mildew is best removed by using a mixture of bleach and water. Spreading the solution and scrubbing will clean the stains and kill of the organisms that are causing them to prevent any further stains. Always make sure to mop up any remaining liquids after cleaning. Moisture will make the mildew and mould return, so it would all have been in vain unless you follow it all up.

Further Option

The absolute last resort for cleaning the toughest stains that you can’t get out any other way is by jet washing. This is done very easily but can be more expensive than other cleaning methods due to the cost of machinery. The good news is there are many places to rent a power washer relatively inexpensively. Or, if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can make use of a cleaning company that offers patio cleaning services. This is the fastest and most thorough way to deal with the patio, but also the most expensive.

Gardening & Landscaping

Something that is often overlooked that really holds the beauty of a patio together is maintaining the area around your patio. You could hire a gardener to grow and maintain flowers and bushes that complement the area. Make sure you have nice patio furniture (home made or bought) to compliment your space and ensure it is maintained as outdoor furniture needs more maintenance.

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