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Simple Plumbing Tips for Home Renovating

Posted By J Wakefield On July 6, 2009 @ 10:42 am In Home Repair & Maintenance | Comments Disabled

When people think of making home improvements or renovating, they often think about painting, carpeting or getting new furniture and accessories. Rarely is plumbing thought of unless homeowners are experiencing major problems in their toilet or they are gutting an entire kitchen or bathroom.

Easy, inexpensive plumbing tips and renovations that can improve the look of your home

However, there are some cheap and easy plumbing tips, improvements and renovations you can do to improve the look of a room and ultimately the look of your home.

One of the easiest and cheapest home plumbing tips I can give you involves updating or changing the look of your faucets.

Keep your faucets updated

Just like wallpaper, faucets have styles which come and go; thus, it is important that you periodically update them to keep your home looking nice.

When purchasing new faucets you have a number of choices, as there are so many different types of knobs and spouts. You can choose ones that fit the décor of the room they will be in… or you can match them to your personality or interests.

For example, motorcycle enthusiasts can choose a faucet that resembles the front of a bike; while bug enthusiasts can choose one that looks like a beetle. They are even beginning to incorporate technology into faucets; thus, you can get one that has an LED light that is red or blue depending upon the temperature of the water running through it.

Faucet installation is easy!

Installing a new faucet is a relatively easy thing to do. First you should shut off and disconnect the water-supply lines to the faucet. Then you’ll need to take out the old faucet by unscrewing the nuts holding it on… and lift it out. If you have caulking around the faucet, you can simply take a utility knife and use it to peel the caulking off. Once you have the old faucet out, you can repeat the process in reverse to install the new one.

Update your shower head as well

In addition to making a big improvement just by changing your faucet, you can also accomplish the same thing by changing your shower head. There are a wide variety of shower heads available for you to buy, and you can spruce up the look of your room and the quality of your shower/s by selecting the right shower head for you. These are also easy to install: You simply screw the old one off and screw on the new one – making certain you get it tight before turning the water on.

Several other optional updates

Changing your faucets and your shower head are just two plumbing tips that can really improve the look of your home. There are several other things that are cheap and easy for individuals to do, too, such as: installing new sinks and cabinets; changing shower curtains or shower doors; mounting towel racks, or putting in a new toilet.

These items don’t require the expertise and experience of a professional plumber. In fact, most individuals will be able to complete them with little or no instruction, which makes them a great idea for your next Saturday home improvement project.

Article written for PAV Plumbing – Sydney – by J Wakefield.

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