As the name suggests, an under-sink water filter connects to the plumbing arrangement of the sink below it. It is connected directly to the faucet below the sink that controls the water that flows into the main sink tap.

Because of its location, it can filter the water before reaching the tap. This makes it more convenient to some people, especially those who do not want to undergo the hassle of having a faucet water filter. To a large extent, an under sink water filter is considered to be a permanent solution for household water filtration.

Installation of an Under Sink Water Filter

Despite what they can do, under sink water filters are very easy to install. They simply need to be plumbed into the main water line that supplies water to the main sink tap. This is quite an easy procedure and DIY enthusiasts can do it quite easily. No professional help is usually required.

Types of Under Sink Water Filters

There is diversity in the action of the under sink water filters. Most of them are devised to just filter out the sediments that are present in the water so that it is clear for drinking. These are the crudest and the cheapest forms of water filters.

In some more sophisticated designs, there are biological filters added, which can trap microorganisms that are present in the water. Some of them also have chlorine filters attached to them so that they can remove the chlorine odour that is a common complaint with ordinary tap water. In this manner, there are different types of under sink water filters. They can be as simple or as sophisticated as the user wants.

Usage of the Under Sink Water Filters

The main filtration activity of the under sink water filter is localized in the cartridge, or cartridges if the filtration is a multilevel process. The cartridge traps the sediments, chemicals and microorganisms according to its design. However, the cartridge needs to be replaced periodically. Different kinds of cartridges have different lives and they need to be replaced periodically.

There are options when it comes to discharging the water that is purified in under sink filters. People can either make the filtered water flow out of the same tap that they use for the sink, or they can install a separate tap.

When a separate tap is installed, this tap will become the drinking water tap. Some people prefer this kind of installation because it saves cartridge life. They can use the filtered water only for drinking and the other tap would give the non-filtered water for non-drinking purposes such as washing. However, in smaller sinks, the installation of two different taps can pose a physical difficulty.

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