Now that your child is starting to crawl and curiously explore, it’s important that you child proof your house. Children spend most of their early years learning and growing up in the confines of the house. They cannot see hazards or know what danger is so it’s up to you to protect them.

Handy Tools

  • Drill and bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer

Your House

Cupboards, draws and doors are prime targets for inquisitive children in all rooms of the house. Therefore child latches, locks and door stoppers are a must for protecting children from the chemicals, knives, electric and burning areas that live behind them.

Cupboard locks secure the doors so that those little fingers cannot access dangerous goods.

The Kitchen

Considering the above, the kitchen is arguably the most dangerous room in the house for a child. Poisonous cleaning products, potential scolding from stoves, ovens and cooking equipment, not too mention sharp utensils and appliances.

The Bathroom

In bathroom, the main safety concerns is protecting them from drowning in the bath, hot water and taps scolding the child and slipping and falling on the slippery wet tiles or in the bath.

Protective Products

Below is a list of suggested products that can be used to protect your child’s safety throughout the house. All of these products can be purchased and easily installed following the simply instructions.

  • Electrical outlet covers – protects the child from accessing the socket with an electric conducting object.
  • Door stoppers, catchers and strips – protects the child’s fingers from being slammed in the door.
  • Doorknob covers – this prevents the child from entering potentially dangerous areas.
  • Cupboard locks – as mentioned above, these products secure the doors so that those little fingers cannot access dangerous goods. These products can be used throughout the house and come in many forms.
  • Oven locks – these protect children from opening ovens which may cause serious scalding.
  • Refrigerator latch – this is more of a cleaning saviour for parents, keep those hands from pulling things out of the fridge.
  • Tap covers – protects the child from scolding their body with hot water or a hot tap and spout in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry.
  • Stair and hallway security gates – these are very popular as they protect your child from climbing your stairs and going where they shouldn’t. They are Easy to install by either pressure mounting or with screws.
  • Non-slip bath tub strips – there are useful for guarding against slipping over in the bath or in any wet area.
  • Furniture tip resistant brackets – these brackets prevent furniture from falling on top of a child, especially when the child is trying to climb it.
  • There are many products that can assist in protecting your child, however you can simply alter many appliances and furniture to further child-proof your house.


  • It is a good idea to have emergency numbers for police, doctor and ambulance and poison information near the phone at all times.
  • Have a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and blanket in your home.
  • Insert a circuit breaker in your fuse box.
  • Always keep tools and materials away from children.

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