With energy costs soaring and the threat of global warming growing by the day, learning how to save power will not only benefit the household budget but will also contribute to the health of the environment. Although power saving measures such as installing insulation and double glazing may require considerable expenditure, there are many cheap or zero-cost ways in which you can save energy around the house.


  • One of the most effective ways to save money on lighting is also the most obvious – switch them off when you don’t need them!
  • Ensure that you use bulbs of appropriate wattage. There’s no point burning 100 watts in an area where 60 watts will do.
  • Consider changing to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). A 20 watt CFL will produce as much light as a 100 watt incandescent bulb but use only 20% of the power.
  • Install motion sensors for outside lights so that they are not left on all night.


  • Again, there are some very obvious steps you can take to get the most out of your heating dollar. Prevent heat loss by closing doors and curtains in the rooms you’re heating, don’t throw your heat away by placing heaters near windows, don’t run heaters in unused rooms, seal cracks and gaps around windows and doors.
  • Use plug-in thermostats to switch heaters off when the required temperature has been reached, and timers to limit their use to certain times of the day.
  • Do you really need that heated towel rail in the summer months? And in winter, could you make do with an extra quilt instead of turning on the electric blanket? Answering questions like these will help you find out how to save power on your heating.

Hot Water

  • Don’t heat your hot water to a needlessly high temperature – adjust the thermostat on your hot water cylinder so that water at the tap is around 55 degrees Celsius.
  • Take showers instead of baths. Fit an economical shower head to reduce water wastage even further.
  • Insulate your hot water cylinder with a cylinder wrap, and the first two metres of pipe with pipe insulation.
  • Stop your money going down the drain by repairing dripping taps.


  • Switch off appliances at the wall when you’re not using them – appliances on stand-by are still burning power.
  • Try to minimise your refrigerator’s power use by positioning it away from ovens and other sources of heat, by not keeping the door open longer than necessary, by ensuring the door seals are in good condition, and by ensuring adequate ventilation at the rear of the device.
  • Run your washing machine efficiently – use short cycles, wash in cold water, wash full loads. Try to dry your washing on a clothesline whenever possible. When you do use your dryer make sure its air filter is clear of lint.
  • If you use a dishwasher wait until it’s full before you turn it on. Use an economy cycle and set the machine to generate its own hot water rather than use hot water from your hot water cylinder – it’s more efficient.

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to save power without spending a fortune, the tips above will give you a good place to start.

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    Re: plug-in thermostats, I have been trying to find one but no success so far. Anyone know where to get such a thing?

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  2. Dayan says:

    Yeah, where can I buy a plug-in thermostats? I would like to have one too.

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