Laminate flooring is a popular choice in many homes because it is a relatively maintenance free type of flooring.

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That being said, it still needs maintenance, and it is important that it is kept clean when it is needed to do so in order to keep it looking its best. Laminate floor cleaning is not a difficult job, but there are certain aspects of it that make it different to other types of home cleaning.

Use The Right Brush For Sweeping

Sweeping your floors regularly is important to prevent the build up of debris which could potentially scratch the floor. However, using the wrong type of brush could also scratch the floor. A normal floor brush has bristles that are too stiff, so using a dry dust mop is often the best choice. Another good choice for a cleaner is a mop with a microfiber cloth attachment – it is the best way to sweep through smooth floors, and also to really keep it clean and absorb all problematic stains and suchlike.

Avoid Using Harsh Cleaners

Cleaners that contain harsh chemicals could stain your floor and therefore should be avoided. There are a number of milder cleaners that are available, including those that are designed specifically for laminate floor cleaning. If you flooring is not too dirty, then using hot water by itself should be enough to get your floor clean. Also, that way you will save yourself the trouble of dealing with toxins and other harmful things that could affect your health.

Don’t Leave The Floor Wet

When you have finished cleaning, it is important to ensure that the laminate flooring is not left too wet as this can cause the floor to warp. Leaving the floor wet can also lead to watermarks, and those will completely ruin the aesthetics of your house. This can be avoided by ensuring that any mops that you use to clean the floor are just damp rather than wringing wet. If any excess water is left behind after mopping then this should be dried off using a towel.

Combine with Your Home Cleaning

A good way to put this into your cleaning routine is to combine it with the overall cleaning. That way you will not forget to do it and you will not have an excuse not to do it when you are already busy doing something similar. It is a sure-fire way to avoid procrastination.

These simple tips for cleaning your floor will not take too long to carry out, and so it is easy to make it part of your house cleaning routine. Regular home cleaning will ensure that your floor continues to look good and last for many years to come.

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