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How to Clean Venetian Blinds

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Venetian blinds can sit for years before ever receiving the cleaning attention you lavish on other areas of your home. Just the thought of tackling those bendable slats with their delicate lacing can send even the most house-proud cleaner into a prolonged bout of procrastination – it just looks so difficult!

The good news is, it’s not. Venetian blinds can be cleaned quickly and easily if you use the right technique. Want to know the secret? Read on….

What You’ll Need to Clean Venetian Blinds

To clean a set of Venetian blinds efficiently you’ll need:

  • A vacuum with a brush-head attachment, or a static cling duster, or a soft cloth.
  • A drop sheet, or towels.
  • A sponge, or soft brush for washing.
  • Multi-purpose detergent (any mild detergent will do, including dishwashing liquid).

How to Do It

Step 1: Place towels or a drop sheet beneath your blinds to protect your floor covering from falling dirt.

Step 2: Using your cloth, static cling duster, or vacuum remove loose dust and dirt from the blinds. Do this first with the slats turned up, and then again with the slats turned down.

Step 3: If your Venetian blinds are wooden, wipe them over with a slightly damp cloth. As wooden Venetians cannot be washed, no further cleaning is necessary. For metal and plastic Venetians, proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Remove the blinds from the window. This is as simple as unhooking them from their mount and usually requires no tools.

Step 5: Place the blinds in the bath tub and use your sponge or soft brush to wash them down with cold water and detergent. Avoid using hot water as it can warp the slats. Do both sides of the blinds and the cords.

Step 6: Rinse thoroughly – a shower attachment makes this easy.

Step 7: Hang the blinds over the shower rail or on a clothes line outside until they are completely dry.

Step 8: Re-hang the blinds. Giving them a light spray of an anti-static furniture polish at this point will slow the future accumulation of dust.

Cleaning Venetian Blinds Made Easy

Excluding drying time, the whole process outlined above will probably take you no longer than half an hour. Using simple, inexpensive household materials, your Venetian blinds will be immediately revived and add a new sense of freshness to your home.

To learn more about cleaning Venetian blinds check out this video.

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