Walls are an integral part of every household. But with time, they tend to get dirty and stained mostly due to dust and in some instances rough handling: especially in households with kids. This brings about the need to clean the walls. However the greatest challenge when it comes to cleaning walls lies in how to clean walls without leaving streaks. For individuals embarking on such a task, the following overview on how to clean walls without leaving streaks might prove invaluable during the cleaning process.

Step 1: assemble your cleaning tools

The first step would naturally be to assemble the tools and equipment for cleaning the walls. These usually vary depending on the type of wall being cleaned and most importantly the nature of dirt or staining. If there is dust and mild staining on the walls, a mild cleaning solution and a warm bucket of water would suffice but for stubborn stains such as oil based stains, you will need a much stronger cleaning solution.

Some of the cleaning tools and equipment you’ll need:


  1. 2 buckets, one is for the cleaning solution and the other warm water for rinsing after cleaning
  2. A dusting cloth or vacuum cleaner to remove the dust
  3. A dusting broom or brush to remove build-ups on the wall: if the broom or brush has strong bristles, you could tie it with a piece of cloth to avoid damaging the wall
  4. A pair of gloves
  5. Some plastic sheet or old bed sheets to cover the furniture
  6. A cleaning sponge
  7. A towel to dry the wall
  8. A cleaning solution
  9. Drop cloth


Step 2: preparation for cleaning

The next step would be to prepare for the cleaning process. For starters, you have to remove all artwork, pictures and decorations that might be on the wall so as to access all parts of the wall. Move all furniture to the centre of the room and using either a plastic sheet or old bed sheet cover the furniture so as to prevent water damage. However, you need not cover all the furniture; only cover furniture that is on the outer boundary and in close proximity to the walls.


Step 3: dust the walls

Dusting of walls is very important when it comes to preventing formation of streaks during cleaning. When water mixes with dust it creates a murky solution which not only results in streaks but also make the cleaning process harder than it should be

Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft cloth to dust the walls. When doing this, work your way from the top downwards to prevent the dust settling on already dusted areas. To remove build-ups on the wall, use a dusting broom or brush


Step 4: actual cleaning

This is the final step of the cleaning procedure. As a norm, a drop cloth is placed on the floor at the bottom of the wall to catch any run off from the wall.

When carrying out the cleaning, it is important that you work your way from the bottom upwards. First dip an undyed sponge in the cleaning solution: This can be an industrial solution or simply a bucket of warm soapy water. Work your way from the bottom of the wall upwards so as to avoid streaks from running down.

As a rule, you should use a circular motion during the cleaning as you work upwards. Rinse the cleaned area with a piece of cloth or sponge and dry it with a dry towel as you progressively move upwards. Be sure to replace the rinsing water if it changes colour to avoid staining the wall

By following the above steps on how to clean walls without streaking, you are assured of having clean streak-free walls.

Now that you have clean walls, why not get started on cleaning the carpets?

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