The party is going swimmingly. The chandeliers are effulgent, the laughter effervescent, and the wine is flowing freely – perhaps a little too freely.

Suddenly you hear a crash. The crowd turns spontaneously to look at a mournful figure in the centre of the room, staring dumbly down at the luxurious wool carpet, where lies a shattered wine glass and a spreading pool of red wine.

Okay, so taking out the glam and glitter, who hasn’t felt that sinking sense of despair when you see red wine spreading all over your carpet? Despair no more, because here lies the remedy to getting wine stains out of wool carpet.


1. Clear the decks and your head.

2. Get a large dry towel or an absorbent cloth and soak up the surface liquid. Press down, but not too hard, and don’t try and stamp the wine out of the carpet.

3. Sprinkle the stain with liberal amounts of standard salt.

4. Get some normal white vinegar or white wine (I find vinegar works better, personally) and carefully douse the stain so that the salt is wet. Poring carefully and slowly will get most of the vinegar on the surface, which is where you want it to start off with.

5. Leave for 15 – 20 minutes. Do not touch or cover it at all during this time. The vinegar may start to soak in and the salt may turn sludgy – but that’s okay.

6. Scrape up the salt and vinegar, which should be red as it has drawn the stain out of the carpet.

7. Soak up any excess moisture left over; the stain should be barely visible.

8. Pour some lukewarm water over the stain area and leave for a few minutes. Get a clean dry towel and soak this water up.

9. Thoroughly dry the area by pressing down firmly with the towel. When this is down, that stain should be non-existent. If it persists, treat with a specialised carpet cleaner.

NOTE: you may wish to test this method on an off-cut of your carpet before you try it in the middle of your lounge.

Alternatively, here’s a great list of the carpet cleaners in popular NZ cities such as Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton and Dunedin.

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