Coffee – we love it. It gets us through the working day, it provides a focus for social activity and, for many of us, it’s a necessary part of getting out of bed each morning. The one place that heart-starting flat white doesn’t belong though is on your carpet. Here are some important tips and carpet stain removal techniques.

Don’t Leave it Untreated

Leave a coffee spill untreated and you’ll be living with a dirty brown stain that will not only have your husband griping about your housekeeping skills but will embarrass you in front of your neighbours and lead the mother in law to wonder out loud about the toilet habits of your pets.

Don’t let your family down. Follow the steps below and keep your Axminster stain-free and sanitary.

Act Fast

Every good housewife knows that the secret to stain removal is immediate action, even if you have already called a professional carpet cleaning company. The longer you leave a stain, the more difficult it is to remove. So, as soon as that delicately balanced cup falls from your knee during Thursday’s young mothers’ coffee morning, spring to action.

Using kitchen towels or a plain white cloth, absorb as much of the spill as possible. Use a pressing or blotting motion as rubbing may force the stain deeper into the carpet’s fibres.

Wet and Blot

Wet the stain with a mister bottle or a sponge. Use cold water, not hot, to avoid “setting” the stain.

Repeat the blotting process. If you are using a cloth rather than kitchen towels ensure it is plain white or colourfast – you don’t want dye from that Rotorua souvenir tea towel making the stain even worse.

How’s it looking? It would be nice to think that the damping/blotting process is all you need but, sadly, this is unlikely to be true for all but the most insipid of brews. More likely you’ll need to proceed to sterner measures.

Detergent Solution

Make a solution of ¼ teaspoon of colourless dishwashing liquid and one cup of water (no more than luke warm) and dab this liberally onto the stained area. Work the solution in with a deep pressing motion (don’t scrub).

If your carpet is made from a natural fibre such as wool, sisal, seagrass etc. perform a patch test on a hidden part of the carpet first to ensure that the solution won’t damage it.

Leave the solution in place for 10 minutes and then blot, removing as much of the solution as possible.

White Vinegar – a Natural Cleanser

Next, make a solution of 1/3 cup white vinegar and 2/3 cup of water. Dab this onto the stain and work in. Leave for 10 minutes. White vinegar not only continues the cleaning process but also removes any detergent residue which, if left on the carpet, will attract dirt.

Rinse and Dry

Blot, then rinse the area again using a mister bottle or sponge. Blot until dry – you can save yourself a little effort here by placing a wad of kitchen towels over the area and weighting them down with a heavy baking tray. Leave this overnight and in the morning your carpet should be dry and stain-free.

Live Without Fear

By following the simple steps above you can enjoy your coffee without the nagging fear that you are only a misplaced mug away from carpet disaster. Pour another cup, go on, you deserve it. Perhaps, if the children are noisy, you could add a little brandy…

Learn more about removing coffee stains in this video.

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  1. boise carpet cleaners says:

    Coffee stains on carpet aren’t difficult to remove if you act quickly. Here’s a good rule of thumb: to remove carpet stains effectively, it’s important you get to the task immeidately upon spilling, if you don’t you’re more likely to incur permanant damage. Dab at the stain with vinegar or club soda until it’s removed. If you waited too long and the stain has set in, you should still be able to remove the stain by using dry-cleaning solvent. Blot until the stain is lifted.

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