With the prices of electricity and gas rising every year the approach of autumn and winter brings an added financial burden for many families in the form of higher heating bills.

No one wants to be cold on those chilly winter evenings, and in some cases simply turning off the heater can create a health risk. However, there are things you can do to save money on your heating while still staying comfortably warm.


If heat can escape from your house in the form of warm air you’re wasting your heating dollars. Check your house for drafts by lighting an incense stick and passing it near draft danger zones on a windy day. If air can get in and disturb the smoke, then heat can get out. Check areas around windows and doors, where the walls meet the ceiling and floor, and near the entry and exit points for pipes and ducts.

If your house suffers from drafts or air leaks banish them with caulking, door sweeps, draft snakes or weather stripping. How is the putty in your windows? If it’s dry and cracked it could be allowing valuable heat to escape.

Ventilation Fans

Bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans can suck the heat right out of a house. Minimise their use as much as possible. Likewise, if you have an open fireplace keep the damper closed when it is not in use.

A Comfortable Temperature

Don’t set your heating higher than necessary. Use a thermostat to keep your house at around 20˚C during the day and 13˚C at night.

Hardy enough to turn the heating in your bedroom off completely at night time and use an electric blanket instead? You’ll save even more.

An on/off timer is an effective way to control heaters. Why spend money on heating at times when you don’t really need it? Set a heater to come on an hour before you get up instead of running it all night.

Hot Water

A lot of your heating money ends up going down the drain. If you have a gas or electric hot water cylinder that’s heating up all day and all night, think of how much you’d save over the course of a winter if you just turned it down a few degrees.

Insulating your hot water cylinder with a thermal jacket will slow the rate at which it chews through energy.

Want to go a step further? Don’t daydream under a hot shower – wash and get out. It isn’t as much fun, but you’ll save money on your heating bill.

Free Heat

The sun sends us free heat every day. Make the most of it by opening curtains on the sunny side of the house in the morning and then closing them again late afternoon before the sun goes down. Curtains are a great way to counteract drafts too.

Are there trees shading your house? Prune them back before winter to get the most out of your sunlight.

If you put up awnings to keep you cool in summer, take them down or they’ll be doing the same thing in winter.

Heat Smart

Got a great central heating system that makes every room in the house toasty warm? You might be wasting money here too. Only heat the rooms you use regularly. Switch off the heat in unused rooms and keep their doors closed.

A Lower Power Bill

By using only the heat you need, plugging drafts and leaks and making a few simple adjustments to your thermostat and your hot water cylinder you can save money on your heating bill and stay warm at the same time.

Learn more about how to save money on your power bill with this video.

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