When your clothes dryer does not work as well as it used to, should you go through the trouble of disassembling and fixing it yourself?

If your machine starts overheating or making noise, you may need to give your appliance repairs. Correctly diagnosing the problem is the way to go when getting your old dryer to work like new. Before you take your machine apart and get into repairing it, it is important you check where the problem lies first. A common problem that often leads to expensive repairs is excessive build up of lint in the dryer. Too much lint may keep your dryer from functioning well as it clogs the ventilation and causes the unit to overheat. If  your lint trap has gathered a lot of it over time, you may want to make sure its properly cleaned. To ensure your dryer is properly cleared of lint, you should:

Clean the Lint Screen

Clean the filters and the entire machine at least once a year. By doing this, you’ll keep it free from dirt, lint and small items that slow down and damage its function.

To get started with the cleaning, locate the lint trap first. Some filters can be found on top of the unit, while others are at the bottom. Once you have found it, remove the screen by giving it a gentle pull and wipe it clean of lint and other residue. Lint attracts to itself and makes the cleaning process easier. Gather it in a garbage bag and throw it away.

Run a vacuum cleaner to clear hard-to-reach areas on the screen to avoid damages. You may also use a soft brush attachment to get rid of the remaining lint.

Clean the Lint Trap

Once you are done with the screen, use the vacuum cleaner to clear out any lint from the trap. Switch the soft brush attachment for a longer one, and put it inside the trap. Turn the vacuum on, and let it suck in any residue left in the trap. Make sure it is working properly, so pull the attachment out from time to time. Put your hand against the end to check if it is clogged.

Reduce the Lint

Now that you have cleaned up the lint trap, keep the lint to a minimum. If you have a habit of throwing a huge ball of shirts and trousers in for drying, you better quit it. Not only does it take a toll on your clothes; it causes a lot of lint to gather on the trap. Sort your clothes by weight, and take them out as soon as they dry to keep residue from accumulating.

Your dryer may be able to work better after the cleaning. If it does not, then it your unit may need proper repairs. You are welscome to try these yourself, but its better to leave that kind of thing to a qualified professional

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