One of the most important things you must invest in is the safety of your home. The cosy interiors and the beautiful garden cannot do much to protect your family from intruders or alert you to unwanted guests. As such, making sure your home is secure and protected can go a long way to keeping you and your family safe at night.

One surveillance camera or keyless lock in front of your house does not make a home security system. It takes more than a gadget to keep you safe from intruders and lurking strangers. Here are some ways to beef up your home’s protection and give you better security. Our secret? Mixing in new technology with old-school measures.

Keyless Entry for the Front Door

You may have apprehensions about installing keyless entry systems on your entryways. Because you are just going to punch in some letters or numbers to unlock it, how sure are you that no one can enter apart from those who know the code?

To minimize the risk of someone breaking your code, come up with a strong home security code. Ideally, you have to be able to remember it easily. But, others should not be able to deduce it just as fast. As some security systems, there is only room for four digits. When this is an option, do not use your PIN, birthday, anniversary or IRD number. Make the code something unique and not something g that is easily guessed. In addition, try not to keep a written copy of this code anywhere. In the event you do, make sure that it is kept somewhere safe. Do not make your code anything someone could acquire easily from public records and other documents.

Locks for the Window

After to the main door, windows are the most common entryways for burglars and home intruders. So, it is strongly recommended that you secure them. Use strong  locks or specialised security locks on them either keyed or keyless will do, but bear in mind you may need to get out quick in an emergency. Metal shutters and blinds can be added for additional privacy or reinforcement, but you can also put sticks and other barricades behind the glass, or insert them in the panes, to keep them from opening easily.

Cameras and Alarms, Inside and Out

Having real or dummy cameras in you home can act as an effective deterrent to any two bit crook. However, dependent on your circumstances, you will need to choose what best suits your needs. You will nned to set them up to make sure your family is safe and sound. In the event that something untoward does happen it si always better to have an actual security camera system installed since you will be able to catch the crook or crooks on camera to take to help the police.. Setting the cameras  up in and around of your property is best and if possible look for services that let you monitor them from your phone.

Burglar alarms are a must and are very effective in alerting the community to a break-in and catching the culprits. They may be noisy, but they can help the neighborhood as well.

Toughen Up

The right home fixtures also contribute to an efficient security system. Doors and windows with steel jambs & break-proof glass are good lines of defence for the house.  Burglars cannot break them without making a lot of noise. That is if they even break it at all

A good home security system is a combination of advanced technology and sturdy fixtures. With them, you and your family can stay protected and sleep peacefully through the night.

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