Are you a homeowner who loves to experiment in the kitchen? Are baking and cooking your hobbies? If so, you understand that cleaning up the kitchen benchtop immediately after working on it is the best thing for it to help prevent staining, burning or scratches on your surface.

You might have had Prestige Bench Top Limited put in your choice of kitchen benchtop, and it might have been a brilliant addition to your dream kitchen, but unless you care for it propely, it wont always look the way it first did. For you who have a kitchen benchtop made of composite stone, these are what you should do to keep it clean, sanitised and looking good as new.

1. Wipe the surface with simple cleaning materials.

Right after you’ve put away what needs to be washed, wipe through the benchtop surface. You may use a cleaning agent and cloth for this. Alternatively, you could do with a damp sponge and warm water mixed with mild detergent. Cooking and baking often leave behind grime because of oil and butter. Be sure to clean those before they melt, dry or stain.

2. Inspect the benchtop for stains, spills and spots.

Once you’ve done a general sweep of your composite stone benchtop, thoroughly check through it for any stains, spots and scratches. Have household bleach or heavy duty kitchen cleaners on hand to clear up those stains and spots. If you have neither, a homemade vinegar mixture could do the job.

This keeps your kitchen benchtop smooth, clean and free from unsightly stains and abbrasions.

3. Only put food & drink on the kitchen benchtop.

During idle times in the kitchen, prevent using the surface for anything other than what it is for, which is food preparation. While you’re waiting for the oven to ping, avoid spreading even more germs on the benchtop by not sitting on it. Who knows where else you’ve been sitting? Besides, that’s what chairs are for, innit?

As a homeowner, you’ll be relieved to know that maintaining your composite stone kitchen benchtop does not require overly complicated cleaning routines. Composite materials are generally used to make moredurable items, so some of these items do require regular maintenance to stay hygienic and in good condition.

Be meticulous in your cleanup habits after food preparation and your kitchen benchtop will keep looking newer for longer

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